Thursday, March 2, 2017

SOME 'S' AND 'S'!!

Yesterday was shopping day--
and I did make it to JoAnn's--
I wanted some batting for this week ends basting session--
downstairs while watching the races--
and they had some on sale at 40% off--
this is not my favorite --but it will do--
and I got a selection of greens--
I really needed more greens in general and want to do a St patty's day door hanging too--
and these came home too--
some 'cute' cupcake buttons for the baby sweaters--another teal fabric piece for the teal stash--
and a new rotary cutter--it took a while to find one I thought I might like--most of them now have a screw on the back for changing blades--I can not get mine tight enough on the old one and the blade is always loose and then it doesn't cut accurately--this one does not have the screw and I gave it a good work out today--and it is really great!!!
and this found it's way in the bag--
 I love all their decorated boxes--had a hard time picking just one out--
now this one holds things that were on a flat tray here (like the grocery pad, calculator, ect--)
and it looks so much prettier--and you can see that I did find a nice use for the little pitcher too!!!

Now I also did get some sewing done-
another block got appliqued for the old bom from NY--
and it is up on my 'new' design wall--
I forgot to show this last week when I got it made--
it is my first ever design wall--and after using it today--
I just love it--
and I made it about 45x60--
that is the size of most of my lap quilts I do--
and here is a closer look at the 11 blocks I have done so far--
today I cut alot of 1 1/2" strips to start an assortment of 9 patches for sewing all these together--
I need a total of 77-9 patches--better getting stitching!!!

and I got the next Christmas block done today--
I think this is a neat block--
though I did have to rip out and restitch all the red block points--
for some reason couldn't 'drive' that machine to stitch straight!!!!!
and one more photo--
I did buy me a treat at Walmart--
some purple violas--now these say 'Spring" to me --!!!!

What did you do today????
                   Enjoy the moments, di
and an update on sister June--she is home now--
but I have not talked to her yet to find out why she was in there--
and if they helped her or not!!!!
thanks to those who added June to their prayer list--


  1. Looks like a fun shopping spree!! Batting on sale is always a good thing. Love all the blocks on your design wall. Hopefully I will show you my Christmas block soon.

  2. It sounds like you had a great day shopping. You got some really good stuff, especially the batting for that much off. I love the green fabrics and that box is so cute!
    The pitcher looks pretty with your pencils and things in it. I have a large cup that my daughter gave me one time with flowers in it. It now sits on a shelf in my sewing room and holds all my colored pencils. I love seeing it.

  3. I like the applique shape you just did on the NY bom. A bit different.

  4. You've been busy! Lots of fun stuff going on in your sewing room. Congrats on getting a design wall set up. How I managed without is beyond me, I love my two. Glad your sister is home. Hopefully that got to root cause and she's healing.

  5. You will LOVE having a design wall! I recently bought a new rotary cutter, and it's the purple version of yours. I immediately cut myself for the first time. Be careful! You have been doing some serious shopping lately. Have fun!


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