Thursday, March 16, 2017


Well--at least the rest of the blocks --
from the Patchwork series--
Got the 5" blocks done for pattern #3
and I did manage to figure how to make the 10" block for this set too--
So now this bom is all caught up--yea---
but there is more to this story--
Yesterday when I had all the blocks out--
I kept hearing a 'racket' coming from the first '2' 10" blocks I had made--
finally the 'noise' go so bad this morning that I had to investigate--
and discovered it was this block making all the noise--
Ok--little bunnies what is the problem here??
so they showed me that too many of them were upside down and they were getting faint--
so I took a closer look at the block and had to agree with them--
out came the seam ripper and I went to work--
and now look--
all my bunnies are heads up --and are now quiet as they are happy little bunnies--
silly guys--



  1. Such a cute little post! And I totally agree - it looks so much better. Nice to have quiet bunnies in the house again.

  2. I really like the colors. Both of them are going to be pretty. Did you right down those sizes for the bigger blocks?????

  3. I like your blocks, realy pretty colors

  4. A great save for the bunnies. Those directional fabrics can be so pretty in a quilt, but boy can they be a pain.


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