Wednesday, March 15, 2017


 the Temperature here in Florida????
our high was only about 62 degrees today--
with a cold strong wind--gonna be chilly tonight!!!!

I stayed warm with the sewing machine 'buzzin' right along today--
First I got the next block to the Christmas bom done--
I wanted to add a bit of blue in my quilt -
so decided this block was a good as any to do that with--
What --did you say???
my 'flames' are different--
you know me--gotta be different--
I sewed a yellow and orange strip together and then made an oval shape on freezer paper--
and ironed it  on the strip, then cut and appliqued them to the tops of the candles--
(and yes--I goofed with the placements of the candles--but then decided I liked how they looked this way--so left them!!!)

and I got the first 6 blocks done on the Patchwork bom--
so here is rows 1 & 2 now--and I have all the pieces cut for row 3--!!!

and now for a report on the "Pie"--

This has to have been the BEST pie I have ever eaten--
seriously--the crust was thin but flavorful--
lots of apples and just the right texture--
not too sweet--so you could actually taste the apples--
I ate half of it last night--
wonder when I will eat the rest of the pie!!??????

I did read that back in NY--my area had about 18" snow as of this morning--
and I think they were planning on more during the day--

That is alot for that area --it usually's north, south, or east of us there that gets that much!!

My feet are cold--gotta go find my socks!!!



  1. Love your Christmas block, nice to have some blue...
    Great choice of fabrics too for your SAL blocks..I must cut No 3 ready to sew tomorrow night.
    Yes see on the news all the snow NY. Bet you are pleased to be living in Florida even if you need socks...

  2. Well done!!! You will be happy to know that I finished the poinsettia and almost finished the candles. Will post shortly. My Patchwork BOM is so far only a pile a directions. I would be crazy to start something else right???

  3. I'll take that 62's 22 here right now and our wind chill is 13.

  4. Thankfully it warms up nicely in the afternoon

  5. Di- what have you done with those candles? I'm so impressed. Oh I noticed RIGHT away they were different. I really like them. Good job.

  6. Very pretty candles. It's been cold here too, but it's supposed to warm up for the weekend. Hope it warms up for you too.


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