Saturday, April 22, 2017


Or at least trying to get there--
But first here is the block that I worked on allll last week--
this is the first block on row 2 from Buttermilk Basin bom--
and the first block on the summer row--
the first row was the spring row!!

And today I got my paper piecing patterns caught up--
a pitcher done in pinks and roses--
and a--
teapot done in purple--
decided I had to do one in purple to remind me who got me into this 'mess'--
I mean bom --
I really am enjoying this quilt--and Monday more blocks will be out--
so that is why I did these 2 first--

I also got pieces cut out for the last 2 blocks on the Christmas quilt--
the cardinal and the Santa face--
now if the fairies will sew them together over night for me--that would be great!!
that cardinal looks 'hard' to do!!!!

and I have been busy reading--
yep me--
am on my 3rd book since last Wednesday---!!!!!

Sooo--what are you all doing this week end????



  1. Good to see you 'back on track' Di! YOur first block for summer is lovely - what a beautiful quilt this will be! Your paper piecing is looking good too.

  2. Sew good to be back on track with your BOMs .. love your purple teapot.

  3. Your blocks are so cute! I have all my block printing up to date.. does that count?! xx

  4. Well done... and Good luck with keeping up...xox

  5. Such a beautiful summer block! Love how the strawberries pop!
    Hugs Martina


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