Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I had loved collecting old creamers and sugar bowls--
almost as much as I loved collecting tea cup and saucers--
oh wellll--
Maybe that is what drew me to this paper pieced quilt--
and this  one I can't break (nor shipping them from state to state)

I changed my mind on the fabrics for these two--
more than a couple times--finally decided on the green plaid--
we only have one more paper pieced block for this 'bow'
bow is "block of the week"--
then we will begin the finishing on it!!!

and I did get the fabric cut for the Patchwork bom--

Now to find some energy and time to sew them all together--
any 'volunteers'????

And here is the Dear Daughter yesterday shopping--
at Target--she did find a curtain she liked for her kitchen window--
that was my gift to her--
and the I took her  to Olive Garden for a big late lunch--
that was yummy!!

welll--time to get back to work--
                           ENJOY THE MOMENTS-DI


  1. Thanks for quilting along with us! Your creamer and sugar bowl set are just darling. :)

  2. Oh this sugar and creamer set is exquisite! Just the cutest with that fabric. You have outdone yourself Di.

  3. Your creamer and sugar bowl are great. I can't decide what color to do mine. I need to hurry up and figure it out. Glad you and Dawn had a good time.

  4. The green plaid is perfect for the cream and sugar bowls. The little flower in the center of each is very cute.


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