Saturday, April 1, 2017


I did get some more spring cleaning done on Thursday--
one of the area's I tackled was my sewing area--
and I moved the table with the machine and the ironing board around--
here is now--
and here is before--
I haven't sewed yet in the new formation--but it looks better the new way
 when you walk into the room--
I also did some cleaning and decorating of the dinning room table--
and here is before--

and I did some work in the bedroom --
and one corner is now cleaned --
you can even see the carpet now--
here is before--
lots of silk flowers, frames and such had called this corner home for a while now--
I won't tell you where this stuff is now--
have that corner yet to deal with--
but now everything is organized in the other corner so I can see what I have to play with--
the thing is---
I want to get back to sewing--
Oh and I did a good job of cleaning this--
the air conditioning unit--the filters where really dirty--
but now they are nice and clean!!!

Thursday night--
DD and I went to the Library and then the Dollar Store-
I needed a couple more plastic baskets for fabric colors--
then we met DS at --

and what we did was--
order 3 different dinners--
like this one--
Shrimp-- fish and chips, and a noodle veggie thing--
and we shared them all--nice variety that way--
and yes-----
we did it--
finished with--
a happy endings sundae!!!
and we did come back here and played cards for a while---

then on Friday DD came and picked me up and we went and did some necessary shopping--
Walmart for odds and ends--
like these --
pull chains on the fans--
I had just yarn braids on them and they were coming apart!!!
and then to the grocery store--
I had run out of the necessary things like chocolate!!

So what spring cleaning projects are you doing????
It will get 'hot' before you know it--soooo!!!!

Enjoy the moments, di

PS--forgot to tell you--
these guys are in town--
these are the jets from France--
what is it about the sound of jets striking through the sky that makes ones get excited--
or maybe I am not normal!!! ( I love the sound of thunder storms toooo!!!)
they are here, with a some others, from all over for an air show just a couple miles from here--watched them practice yesterday while out shopping--


  1. I have an ironing pad on a folding tray set up at a right angle to my sewing cabinet. I am right handed. The iron is to my right. I sit on a swivel chair. I just swivel to the right when I want to press. Swivel back to the sewing machine. Handy set up.

  2. Your spring cleaning is going well. I like your new sewing corner, hope it works well for you :) xx

  3. Looks like you got a good start on your spring cleaning. I've been working all weekend. So, mine will start this week. Though my husband did clean all the dog poop from the back yard on thursday. I'm glad he did that job, cause I hate doing it after the snow melts. Hopefully we will have some sunny days here because its been raining a lot.

  4. Your sewing space looks great and nice to have your machine near the window... The rest of your spring clean looks good too.
    What a lovely evening with your children and also a shopping day with your DD.

  5. You have been a very busy girl. It all looks nice and it should be easy to get lots done now!! No one will ever be able to keep up with you now. Glad you had fun with the kiddies!!

  6. I've yet to attend an air show. Planned going to MacDill this past fall, but the weather was iffy...hate having my camera out in a cancelled. One day.

  7. You've gotten lots of spring cleaning done. Hopefully you were able to spend some time stitching during the NASCAR race today.

  8. Your sewing area looks so nice. I wish I had a place to keep my ironing board up. I have a small ironing board I use most of the time. Enjoy your week sweet friend. Hugs!

  9. I am wanting to get back to sewing some more...I do have three blocks cut out to sew. Just got to get at them.

    I like the sewing machine being there close to the window.


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