Monday, April 24, 2017


You better be good--
cause guess who is in town???
Why Santa of course--
As I am doing snowflakes for all my backgrounds--
I decided to use the gray one for Santa--
as we know he has to be on all those roof tops with the chimney smoke--
so the snow has to be a bit 'grey'--right???
I thought this block would be the easier of the two I had to stitch--
I was wrong--sorta--
both had a 'tough' spot--
here is the other one I did this week end--
the Cardinal--that top row gave me 'fits'--
I kept getting the direction wrong--
but then you have to remember I am the gal that can never remember--
her left from her right!!!!
On the Santa is was his eye and eye brow pieces that gave me fits--!!!!

I am nearly caught up on this months bom's--
still have the Patchwork block to do (6 small ones and one large one)
and today another 2 blocks came out in the teapot paper piecing quilt--
so I am still stitching--when I can find the time--

Today is my daughters 49th birthday--
so in about half hour she is coming for me and I am taking her shopping and to lunch--
we did go on an adventure yesterday--
we went and walked and walked the Art Festival in Wickham park--
think I heard someone say there was 120 booths-it seemed more than that to me--
then we went to Chili's for a late lunch--!!!

             Enjoy the moments, di


  1. I'm sorry - Santa in April is just WRONG! He is kinda cute though. Enjoy time with your DD!

  2. You're too speedy!!! I am working on the caardinal now and Santa is cut out. The next teacups are printed out and I have squares cut for pinwheels and another pile of rainbow scraps to cut out. And and and and...
    L,A- Oh yeah--and I have to watch a race!!!

  3. Well done!! Glad you persisted with those tricky eyebrows as they turned out too cute! Your daughter's birthday is the same as my EDs - hope you had a good day out!

  4. Lovely blocks for Christmas! Chili's is right down the road from us, so we go occasionally...and you enjoy those moments too!

  5. I am really impressed with your paper pieced blocks Di. They look absolutely wonderful. I don't have the patience for paper piecing. The first time I did it was on The Splendid Sampler blocks. I went in my sewing room at 9 and came out at 5 with the block finally done. I only took bathroom breaks and coffee breaks. Oh yeah--I made three trips to the printer to make more copies of the pattern because I kept destroying the others. I decided I didn't like it at all ad have avoided it every since.
    Happy birthday to your daughter! My oldest is 50. You know--It is getting hard for us to stay young when our kids are getting sooo old! LOL

  6. Santa is a good block. Looks like it would be fairly easy. Just have to watch which way things get turned.

  7. I love that Cardinal block! You've done a great job of keeping up with all the BOMs. That's an achievement. Happy belated birthday to your daughter. Hope you had a great shopping expedition last week.


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