Sunday, April 9, 2017

THE '3' S's--AGAIN--

and they are--
Spring cleaning--
Let's see where are we--
Oh we are working on the newest bom with Alice--
the paper piecing--
got 2 more blocks done this morning--
the berry cup 'n' saucer on the right is new--
and this one--
the large coffee pot--
this coffee pot reminds me of the one that I had to sell in NY--
it was a large camp --black speckled enamel one--only used a couple times--
still had the seal on it on the side--I had that pot for 40 years or more!!!
I have one more teapot and one more cup 'n' saucer to stitch--
both are ready--but tomorrow I think more come out???

And I got my new curtains ironed and DD helped me hang them up when we got back--
from an adventure yesterday (Saturday)--
here is the new look--
I do love this color and it makes the living/dinning area so much brighter--
but have decided that I need a 3rd panel--(just ordered it tonight!!)
Here is the old look--
these where very dark --but the morning sun comes in my windows big time--
so have to keep the curtains drawn until about 11:30am--!!

DD and I went on a little outing on Saturday--
at the second shop I got me a cute wood stool--
wanted something to place behind my sewing machine to lift up the lamp and small fan I had behind the machine--this works perfect--it was $8--again--I love wood stools and had to sell my collection when in NY to move here!!
then we went on the large Flower garden center--
this place was crowded when we got there--this is the check out building--
DD got 5 herbs to do a garden and I got two annuals for the bedroom window--
we will see if they will grow inside!!

then we drove over on the beachside and ate at our favorite hut there--
we shared a bowl of rice, black beans and pulled pork--
then we hit a couple rummage sales on the way back to  here--
and I finally found a table for the printer--
this only cost me $15 and is very sturdy--have to have something sturdy to hold the printer--as they 'jump' around alot it seems when printing--had seen a lot of stands--but they were either too wobbly or too expensive or the wrong color--this one is perfect--
(remember this sewing machine box was what I was using--)
Now do I keep the box??? and if so--where do I store it?????

Hope everyone had a great week end--
             Enjoy the moments, di


  1. You two have fun adventures!! Your beach hut looks like a neat place. I hope sometime when we're in FL, we can spend more time in your area. Your paper piecing is beautiful! That's something I avoid at all costs. Oh, and I love little wooden stools, too!!

  2. Angels in the Attic is a good thrift store to check out if you haven't already. On Wickham in Suntree and run by a church. They have good prices and quite a turnover in merchandise.

  3. I love your blocks. They are super cute!

  4. Oh your blocks are so cute! I really have to get stuck into mine when I get home... xx

  5. What a fun shopping trip...lovely projects!!

  6. Shopping and Spring cleaning here. I knew there was something I was missing! And it's hard to find sturdy small tables. Looks like you did good! Enjoy your afternoon...hope that wind dies down soon! Hugs, Diane

  7. You are doing great on each of your S's; the sewing is amazing - love the blue coffee pot, the table is so pretty for your printer and so are the curtains. Nice to make changes isn't?

  8. I like the new window look. You did really well with your weekend shopping. Lots of very useful finds.

  9. Your cup and saucers and jug are gorgeous Di :-) Great paper piecing! Great shopping too - it's very satisfying when you find exactly the right thing, isn't it?! Your new curtains are a lovely colour.


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