Saturday, April 29, 2017


As I worked on the Patchwork blocks--
this thought kept running through my head--
all '3' days of working on them!!!

I do love the 10" ones that I am doing--
and yes those are rabbits--not stars--aren't they cute????

but then the big question comes in when I am doing the 5 inch size--
like why am I making '6' of each block--this will make a way larger quilt than I normally do--????
And -- today when I got all '6' blocks done and realized that--
even though I cut each tiny piece of one and one half inches--accurately--
and sewed with an true 1/4" inch seam--they were totally out of shape--
just like the sewer!!!
Oh you say there is only '5' here--
that's right--
cause I discovered that one is not right--
the purple one--
can you see what I did wrong???
were is the seam ripper!!!???

I also went to Hobby Lobby today with a friend--
as the baby yarn was on sale--
got 4 skeins of that--
a new one for dish cloths for myself--
and the brown is to try to knit a bear with it--
we will see!!!
and of course I had to look at the cloth--
but only got quarter yards of these 3--
need gold--you never know when you need a 'beck' on a duck or a bird--
liked the teal birds and--
are you ready for this one--
I thought the cat one on the red background would be neat in the month that our color is 'red'--
Ahhh--someone needs to tell 'Di' that red was last months color!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh well--it is cute fabric--isn't it????

Well--all last week was housecleaning and more housecleaning getting ready for the inspection
on Friday morning that took a whole 8 minutes--
but I passed with flying colors--
so now I don't have to do any house work until next April--right????

            enjoy the moments-di


  1. I like the red fabric too... xox

  2. Glad you passed your inspection! And no, you don't have to clean again until next year. Unless you want to find your marbles. 'Cause I think you've lost yours! Why are you making all those tiny pieces????? Sorry about the oops on the purple. I'm sure you fixed it right away. Your new fabric is very nice. Your reward for all that cleaning......

  3. My blocks looked a little crocked too but I gave them a good press. Hmm 😒 I didn't show my oops 's , did a few and had to reverse sew..
    Cute fabrics especially the cats...

  4. The bunnies are really cute, they must be shooting bunnies? (Oh wow, that doesn't sound right does it?) Sometimes the seam ripper is my best bud, which is sad because I really don't him very much. Have a great week.

  5. You just made that boo boo to make me feel better. I have been ripping things apart all day. I still have some previous month's rainbow blocks cut out--you might as well join me. Those kitties are so cute!

  6. I had to look close up to see rabbits. Nice that you fussy cut your pieces. Those bunnies make a neat design.


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