Friday, May 5, 2017


BUT-- not too late--
I had not gotten to making my bird for the month of April--
with the color of the month--
did get the cat done though--
so yesterday I got around and did some playing--
and this is my 'multi' colored bird---
Do you think he is colorful enough???
and here is the block to go with him--
wait a minute--
what is that you said--
ohhhh--ok--the bird wants me to tell you it is a 'she' bird--
she said is tired of all the male birds being more colorful than the female ones--
so is gonna change that this time!!!!
Ok--Mrs Bird whatever you say--
can I show the other block now???
Like I said--Bright!!!!

And I have gotten some 'mail' in this week--
first up is this one--
Bee fabrics--I am still looking for Bee fabrics to finish my Bee embroidery blocks from last year--
and I kept going back and forth--
from this set to --
this set--
so I finally got 'mad' and said--
just order some of both--
it is too hard to tell online which one will work better--
so here they are--
now to find the blocks and lay them out and see???????????

got these in--do you see what they are???
they are very bold pink rabbit ones that go with the blue and purple ones I have been using on the Patchwork blocks--
I also ordered this lighter pink one to maybe use in this same quilt--
we will see--not sure if I will stay with just the blue/purple ones or go wild with the hot pink?????
I was very good in the ordering of the fabrics--
these are the only 2 pcs that I ordered that do not go in a quilt--
but I really liked this print last fall and could not afford it--
found it on sale, on one of the sites and got the ruler gripper too--
Now lets talk greens--
that is the color group for May--
but this one I ordered to go in my Christmas box of fabric--
Now this set of 10 fat quarters just go into my green basket--
and I am pretty sure I know which one will be this months cat block!!!
and then there is this months bird block to figure out--hummm????
And batting (now some of these fabrics 'hitched' a ride in this box!!!
I plan to go back to basting somemore quilts while watching racing down in the community room on Sundays--we have a race this Sunday--then night races--until June then day ones--
--OHHHHH--you want to know if I have the other quilts all hand quilted that I basted a couple months ago--hummm---do I have to answer that question????


      Oh--guess what tomorrow is?????


  1. I know - I know! Happy Birthday Tomorrow!!!! Pretty sure your card is still laying on the kitchen cupboard. Oops.
    I LOve your nice colorful Mrs. Bird. You've been doing some fun shopping lately. I went on a little spree yesterday at a new shop that I've never been to before. But I just bought for one quilt. Then today I got a package of batting on sale at JoAnn's. I'm on a quilting and binding blitz this weekend. Gotta get some of this stuff out the door.....

  2. That is one wild bird!
    I like the set of bee fabrics with the gold and black. It is to the darker muted side which is my style.

  3. Your colourful Mrs. bird block is adorable. I love all your fabric purchases too! Lots of fun to be had with those.

  4. I love the colorful bird and pretty fabrics. It's fun to order and then open a box filled with beautiful fabric. It's exciting! Hope you had a good day...sure was windy here. I skipped my walk! Hugs!

  5. You did have a good time shopping didn't you?? Lots of fun colors and you absolutely needed those greens for this month.
    Your multi-colored blocks are really great! I still have one more multi one cut out, so eventually I will catch up too.

  6. Good for you, Mrs Bird - stand up for colourful lady birds😊
    Love the fabrics, too.

  7. Oh Sunny knew it will be your birthday πŸŽ‰ .. Wishing you a very happy fun filled day πŸŽ‚ 🎁 πŸŽˆπŸ’‹πŸ’‹
    I do love the bright Mrs Bird...
    Lots of fabric and batting shopping πŸ›’ now to get some quilts finished...

  8. What a bright pretty bird...and lovely fabrics to play with!

  9. Your rainbow birdie is gorgeous! I agree, why should the guys get all the fun colors and the females have to be so subdued. Lots of pretty and fun new fabrics to play with. Have lots of fun!


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