Monday, May 1, 2017


I went back through all '6' of my small blocks--
and found '2' that were fairly good and that had room for the seam allowance--
so when sewed to another block I wouldn't lose the 'points'--
and then I got 'mad' and decided I had to do another block
to see what I am doing wrong--!!!!

So I started with cutting another one out--
the purple one--
and did the half square triangles and got them trimmed--
Then--once again--I played with the machine--
first I put in a new needle--size 12--
then got out my 'trusty' 1/4 inch guide that a teacher in NY handed out in her class--
and lined it up and put the tape and paper down --also like she taught us--
here is the plastic piece she gave us--
then I laid out the block--(just like I had done for the other 6)
and I sewed together--
and I pin--yep I pin--the strips together--
I do not press until the whole block is done--
as I find pressing often stretches the fabric--
and here is the remake--
Much better--if I do say --
did a bit of careful trimming--so that I would have the 1/4" seam allowance at each point of the half square triangles--
and here she is---
and with the other '2'--
So I have '3'--in this design--
and I really don't need 6 of each design--
so I am happy for now--
---I have to keep going on this one as I have found some more Rabbit prints to go with these blocks--so I really do need to keep it going--RIGHT?????

Welllll--time to move on--
oh wait--
forgot to show  you what I did yesterday while downstairs watching the race --
I had the 5 preemie sweaters and hats knitted--
but decided to add the knitted loops to the top of the hats--
had 2 done before the race and got the other 3 done while watching it and then I sewed them down to the tops of the hats and did the buttons--
there is 2 bunny buttons, one teddy bear button and 2 penguin buttons--
I love the penguin buttons--will have to get me some more of those next time I go shopping!!!

                     You really didn't want to use this sink --did you????


  1. Sooo irritating when the seams and points are just a bit off : ( but you have got more patience than me :)
    Love the tiny jackets and beanies.

  2. Yeh you got the tiny blocks finished and looking great...
    Love those wee baby set you knitted Di..

  3. Sometimes going back to the basics will get you where you need to go. The blocks look great. Happy stitching this week. Hope you get lots in.

  4. Practice makes perfect. I too pin. Lovely little sweaters. I just knit baby hats. I'm a slow knitter and I dislike sewing the pieces together so sweaters are a sometime project.

  5. a little time extra taken to keep on track made it worth it with a good block.......


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