Friday, May 26, 2017


I felt that I should really work on this month's bom's--
I had a project half done --
and was tried of moving the 'parts' to it each time
that I needed to work on something else--
I sat down and finished that one--
Someone posted  this Churn Dash block a couple weeks or so ago--
and I really liked it--
then I found the fabric line that I had gotten for a gift and decided to use that to make me some Churn Dash blocks--
You can remember that I showed you these blocks a big ago--
before the last parts were stitched onto it--
The teal and the mauve fabrics that I used for the Churn Dash part had birds on it--
but if you notice--
I was very careful to have all my birds flying correctly on each block--
it took some planning in the cutting--then some thinking when sewing so that none of my birds
were flying upside down or backwards--

Now I have 2 things I need some help on--
First still trying to decide what to embroider on the blank block--
one thought I had was to do--Enjoy the moments in Life--
as that has been my saying this year--
what do you think--or do you have a good saying????
which fabric would you chose for lattice--
The green--
Or the teal with roses--
Or none--
I am thinking I like it without any--(go back to the first photo)
and to just sew the blocks together--
then figure out borders --?????
Sooo here is your chance to give me your 2 cents again--
love it when you do that!!!!!
Back to work --Di!!!!



  1. I would go with the churn dash blocks........

  2. I love the teal... and I love your saying, I would go with that :) xx

  3. Although green is my favorite, I would go with the teal. And I love your saying. It will remind you of this year so I would definitely add it to your block. Have a great Holiday weekend!

  4. I love this!! Great idea to embroider this year's saying :-) I'm not sure which sashing I prefer - maybe I'd be tempted to go without...???

  5. Love the saying - definitely use it. And I think I like it best without any sashing. I like the little squares that are formed at the intersection of the blocks. Oh, and it's Gorgeous!!

  6. Yes use your lovely saying to embroider the block and I like no sashing...
    Love the sheep 🐑

  7. This year's saying would make a great center. I really like the teal with the roses as the sashing.


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