Tuesday, May 30, 2017


I did it now--
last Thursday I 'stubbed'' my little toe on my left foot-
into the base of the slider foot stool--
By Monday is was doing much better--
so off to the dock I went--
I happened to step off the pavement --
right into a small hole with that same toe area--
and talk about 'ouchy'--
I have to wrap it in an ice bag a couple times or more each day--
luckily it is not my right foot so I can still 'drive' the sewing maching!!!!!!

Yesterday I got this block done--
Decided it needed a bit of something once the words where done--
so fussy cut a rose out of the teal fabric and blanket stitched it on--
now to sew the blocks together--
that is on 'todays' to do list--

and I got this block done on the Christmas bom--
I still need to do the snowbuddy block--
but I seem to be having a problem with that one???
So far I am on my 2nd set of fabrics lined up to make them--
and I think I have decided--
I am not happy with set either--
oh dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Love the little cat paw! Di, I think your embroidery block is the the perfect finishing touch for you beautiful quilt!!

  2. Nice touch on the quilt with the embroidery and the holly looks great! The cat paw is hysterical.

  3. Have you ever noticed you get one little ooucheey in one place and that is the one you keep dinging for the next day, week or month?

  4. Oh ouch! Hopefully all the swelling has gone down and your toe is much less painful. Very pretty blocks. You've been very productive.


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