Friday, May 19, 2017


On the Kitchen quilt--
I got the other set of flowers for the second vase finished--
Yep--fussy cut roses--

But then I had a big time problem of trying to decide on -
just which teacup should do the honors of being between the
two vases of flowers--
Here is the green one again---
and here is the rose one!!!

Sooooo--guess which one made it???
actually for that spot--
neither one--
decided I needed to redo the blueberry teacup block as it seemed crooked---
and then put it in the center--
and in the end--the 'poor' green one did not make it into this quilt--
but I have promised it --
it will not be left behind!!!!!!!!!

and I did get another baby sweater knitted--
I like this one alot--first time I have used red in a sweater I believe--

And I got a new table and chairs today--
this is on the wall by the kitchen--
and Yes I still have the other table and chairs--
but it is always soooo messy from someone's sewing projects that it is buried most of the time--so this little set gives me a place to sit and visit with company--when I find some!!!!!
Paid $25 for the set--it is all wood and the seats are leather!!

And--the other news is--
I am no longer a Night Angel--
my DD and the Dr said I had to cut some stress out of my life--
and this job was stressful for me for whatever reason--
the Night Angel I replaced had to stop for the same reason--

on the tenant who fell on Sunday--
she is not doing well--her heart stopped during the hip surgery--
so she is in ICU and in an induced coma for now until they can figure out
why her heart stopped--so if you all would pray for her--Anna--it would be great--



  1. What lovely progress you are making...your newest block is so pretty! How cool that you got a new table and chairs...I dug out from under mine, today!

  2. I do like your final choice. Very cool!! You certainly do find the deals when it comes to furniture. Besides you can never have enough horizontal surfaces when you are sewing!

  3. I am so sorry to know that the lady who broke her hip is not doing well. It may have something to do with why she fell.
    Your roses in the vase is so pretty.

  4. I love the progress of your quilt top! It looks great! Your new table set looks great too! What a steel!!

  5. I love how your quilt is shaping up! Maybe the leftover cup can be part of the label? Sounds like there has been some serious decisionmaking going on at your place Di...take care...and my best wishes and thoughts go to Anna and her family.

  6. I am happy to read are no longer the Night Angel 😇... it is a very stressful job . Sorry that Anna isn't doing so well, hope she recovers soon.
    I like the choice of cup you used for between the vases...use the green cup for the label ?
    What a lovely kitchen set. I would love to visit you if I didn't live sew farrrrrr away. 😢

  7. Your quilt is really looking good. I love the vintage looking teapots. The colors you chose are so pretty. But, of course, I was partial to the green cup---wonder why? lol
    I think you made a wise choice to retire from the Night Angel job. I know you did a wonderful job, but it really is very stressful. Besides, it seems like you were working on all the Holidays.
    I am so sorry to hear about Anna. Do you think she is having so much problems is because she laid there for a while in pain before you arrived and it put a lot of stress on her? Poor thing! I will pray that she gets better soon. Please keep us updated and take care of yourself as well. Big hug!

  8. Your quilt is looking fantastic! And I love the table and chairs. Now you never have to put away your sewing projects. Prayers for Anna.

  9. The quilt is just lovely! I still haven't started... haha! Great win with the table and I suppose you will miss the extra money from being a Night Angel, but now you can sew more :) Will keep Anna in my prayers xx

  10. Your quilt turned out beautifully! Looks like got an excellent deal on the table and chairs. Hope that Anna is doing much better now. Sorry you had to give up your Angel job, hopefully you'll find something else to keep you busy and give you a bit of fun money for quilting purchases.


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