Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Hey everyone--
I am happy to say that the last paper piecing block is done--
and that I made a second one of one of the teacups--
This one--it is the one in the center of the quilt on the second row--
I kinda wasn't sure that I liked the first  one I did on this quilt--
and in sorting out the rest of the pattern sheets--
I discovered I had make a second copy of this one teacup--
crazy hu??
so this is the one I came up with--
Now here is the quilt with the first teacup and saucer--
First look in lower right hand corner and see the newest teapot--
then check out the rest of the quilt--
and now here is the second teacup and saucer--
Which one do you like better-
the rose one or the green one????
Now don't worry the extra teacup and saucer will get used in something else--
I just need to know which one works better in this quilt??????



  1. I love the fabric in the first one, but...... I think the color of the green one actually works best. It balances out the other greens. But either one will be gorgeous!!

  2. Hee hee hee! I have been playing this game with the last teapot. I think I am finally happy! I like the green one in the quilt, but I am happy that you will use the other one because I like it too.

  3. Love them both, but the green one looks better I think - stands out more... the other one will look cute in something else... :) xx

  4. I like the one with the larger floral print because the other green version is very similar to your sugar bowl and creamer set.

  5. I like the green best, it picks up the green in the first row. Teapot looking good :)

  6. Pretty new teapot! I like the checked with the floral print. I like the balance that the green one gives the quilt.

  7. Both lovely--but (being Julierose and all hahaha) I like the rose one better...hugs, Julierose

  8. I like the rose one better too. But the green looks good too. You can't go wrong no matter which way you decide to go.


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