Tuesday, May 23, 2017


and some saddness today--
first the good stuff--
I am slowly working on the next step to the Kitchen quilt--
you know the one with the teapots--
We have had to cut 92-2' squares in the colored fabrics--
and 92-2" back ground pieces--
my background is white--
I did cut a total of 92 of them--
then just cut randomly some colored squares--
and then you sew them into 4 patches--
here is some of them so far!!!

On the sadness note--
it has to do with 'other' people and I just don't understand WHY--
some folks can't leave other folks alone--
We have one tenant here who took this barren looking area--
which is down at the end of the front parking lot and beside the visitor parking area--
and turned it into this--
and this is the tenant--
she worked this garden every single day--
she bought all the plants and containers with her own money--
and she is on a portable oxygen tank that she has to carry around with her
at all times--yet with the tank in one hand--she worked the garden with the other one!!!
it was just lovely down there--
I often walked down there and sat on the bench and just watched and listened to the birds--
But -just one--tenant kicked up such a fuss about it that she had to get rid of it--
and this tenant parks her car out in the back parking lot--so why did it 'bother' her soo much????

and so today it is back to this--
I could even enjoy the one part of her garden from my bedroom window--
now all I have to look at is bare wood!!!!
Ok--I am done "whinny" for now--maybe!!!!

enjoy the moments di


  1. Well my goodness, we surely wouldn't want anyone adding beauty and happiness to their little corner or the world, would we. What IS wrong with people these days. You let me know the bad tenant's car next time I'm there, and I'll egg it!!!!!

  2. Some people are so miserable it isn't funny......

  3. Your four patches look great!

  4. Not sure what is more amazing--how much you got done today (OK that is normal)or how petty some people can be. It really was pretty. Guess we'll just have to look at your pretty 4 patches.

  5. What is wrong with people? It looked so pretty... and what an amazing lady! I hope that enough people complain so that she can go back to beautifying your world.... xx

  6. Some people are so miserable they just don't want anyone to be happy. I think it looked very beautiful. Maybe if all of you got together and complained to the person in charge, they would let her fix it back. It could be a place everyone could enjoy.
    Very cute little patches!

  7. No explaining the vindictiveness of some

  8. That's definitely sad. I always wonder how one person complaining trumps all the other people who enjoy something. You are moving along with your 4 patches.


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