Monday, June 26, 2017


My Fairies did not show up for work this week end--
this morning after breakfast--
one did come though!!
to tell me that the others had left to go north for awhile--

And why would they want to that I asked??
she said-- they said --it was 'cooler' up there!!!
Oh wellll--
But she had stayed behind to help me--
we decided to go back to the bedspread quilt project--
I had made another 'row' of blocks for down the one side late last  week--
so we laid it out again--
and decided I really needed to add one more, row in length-
so we got busy and did that--
This is one side now--
the other side now--
the foot of the bed--
and the top of the bed--
a nice coverage all around now--
I may add a colored border all around it yet--
still in the thinking 'phase' on that one????
so now it really does cover the bed--
the rows are not sewn all together--they are sewn in rows of 2--
except the last piece and that is 3 rows--
now to work on the pressing and quilting--
hope those fairies get back soon--
I need help!!!!



  1. Your quilt is beautiful, Di. Your fairies did NOT stop at my house on their way north!!

  2. The quilt will fit the bed nicely. Comes down to the bedskirt. maybe in time for winter.

  3. Since it is 90 here in Virginia, I am assuming those fairies kept on going. I could have used some help too. I think your quilt is awesome. Mine is sitting there waiting for me to finish other things so that I can figure out how to finish it. I put it down cause I couldn't decide about those borders!!!

  4. Oh Di! Your quilt is going to be absolutely beautiful. It will be very cheerful looking in your bedroom. I really, really love it. Great job!

  5. Hmm.. well at least there was one fairy left to help you! and a great job you both did too! It looks awesome! xx

  6. Oh, maybe they are on their way here - althoughwith their tiny wings it might be a while before I notice anything?
    Your bedspread quilt is beautiful xx

  7. I don't blame the fairies for going farther north. Our Summers are scorchers.

    I think your bedspread quilt would look wonderful with some colorful borders.


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