Thursday, June 22, 2017


I got the 5" blocks made for June's Patchwork bom--
Guess it was a "dotty" month--
didn't realize it until I was cutting them --

I went though all the blocks I had done so far--
and figured out which ones I had only done a single print in--
so now I am also ready for next month!!!

And I know this one will 'blow' your mind--
look at what I am finally--
finally sewing together--

This is for my bed --and will actually be turned--

This way on the bed--
I got a few more to sew together--
like 7 more rows--
but at least I am on my way--
doing them in long strips and then sewing two strips together at a time--
these are 8 blocks wide!!
Remember, I believe, that my January goal was to finish this top--
at least the month begins with a "J"!!!!



  1. Your dotty blocks look great :-) And yahoo, progress on your ufo, good on you, and don't forget next month starts with J as well, if that's of any help!

  2. Oh I really think this will be beautiful..perfect for a bed favorites are bed quilts--just hard to quilt on my machine...
    I think tying will be in my future...
    hugs, Julierose

  3. I love these pretty colors..nice and bright for a FL home! Speaking of's HOT here!!! haha! Hugs, Diane

  4. Who doesn't love dots? Very nice. Glad to see you're making such great progress on your UFO. Keep on stitching......

  5. Love your dotty blocks! And who cares when you finish the quilt, as long as you finish it, right?! xx

  6. Your blocks look awesome!! I actually finished that Wiggles top awhile ago, but it is not quilted yet. One of these years!!!!

  7. Well done on getting your June 5" blocks done... Still need to do mine...
    Lovely UFO finish Di..


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