Saturday, July 15, 2017


Yep--I am Happy Dancing--
I really really did get  the Bed quilt all finished--
See the top is all sewn together--
and quilted--
binding is all sewn on it--
the binding fabric is a piece that Anne in NY sent me for my Birthday--
and it was perfect--I have navy curtains in this room--
It was a 'monster' to do on my little machine and we went from Plan A--
to probably Plan J before it was all said and done--
the only thing I am unhappy about it is--
it is heavy--I had hoped it would be light weight--
as I have to take it off the bed each night and fold it up--
guess I will develop good arm muscles!!!!!
Spent a bit of time this afternoon cleaning up the sewing area,
and putting thread away and winding bobbins of the main color I use for all my blocks--
so I am ready to get back into the block of the months--
and they all came in today--
First there is the wool block-

and then the Patchwork one--
I do one 10" block and 4-5" ones--

for the Christmas quilt--this month is the reindeer block--
and I still need to do the blue bird for this month and a couple blue blocks--
so I have work to do--
wonder if it will keep me out of trouble around here--
probably not--
this week was a rough one--living with so many seniors is a really hard job--
no matter what one does--someone doesn't like it and causes trouble--
and cause I like to help people--
I am in trouble all the time!!!



  1. looks great on the bed and the blue binding frames it off well......

  2. Looks awesome!! I like the blue binding. You made me feel a little better since I have so many things to do. I do have my reindeer cut out, but that is as far as I have gone.

  3. Looks great! I guess you could sleep in a chair somewhere so you don't have to take it off the bed? LOL! You'll probably be sleeping at your sewing machine with all you have to do before month end.

  4. Congratulations on such a wonderful finish!

  5. Di, your new quilt looks soooo pretty!! I LOVE IT! You did a wonderful job making it. I know you are happy about getting it finished and on your bed. It is well worth all the effort you put into it. I hope it makes you smile every time you go into your bedroom. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I'm happy dancing with you! Looks great! xx

  7. Congrats on a gorgeous finish! I really like the dark blue binding, it makes for a nice contrast with the white. Hope this week is better for you. Maybe everyone will be happy for one week?

  8. A fantastic finish Di. I also have to take our big Quilt off the bed each day. Sad thing is I often don't put it back on......
    You sure have a lot to keep you busy this month...

  9. Woohoo, congratulations and well done Di, your quilt is beautiful!! I hope you are staying out of trouble this week :-) Hehe love the wee smile at the end... I'll have to show it to my daughter, she won't stop knitting for her wee dog!


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