Thursday, July 6, 2017


Now I can officially state that--
=====all my bom's are up to date--
here is Junes' wool block--
I will add a couple buttons to this, of bees, when it is quilted--
The next block will be a fall one and comes out next Friday--

And I did get this started--
the machine quilting--
this is 2 rows of the blocks--
I started with trying  out a walking foot--
and I have to say--I did not like it--
it slowed everything down alot and it was hard to get the quilt under the foot--
and it sometimes stuck in the up position so had to continually keep adjusting it--
( course this could of just been me???)
finally put the old regular sewing foot on the machine and off I went--
am also able to sew straighter lines--some of my seams here look like a 'drunk' was at the wheel!!!
( and yes--I do see that I missed a couple rows on the short side--hummmmm????)
I have got the long rows done on the second piece now too--

And one a few days ago when I was done on the dock--
a guy came down the ramp and handed me this--Rose--
I took this photo a couple days after he gave it to me--so some of the palm leaves had dried a bit--
he did a lovely job on it--then he stumbled back up the dock and walked down the road!!!!

I did realize that this is the month of July--
and don't we usually sew some Christmas projects in this month?????
I know I have a couple that I want to start--
but I really need to get this bed quilt done first--
Is anyone else sewing on a Christmas project this month?????????



  1. Fabulous job on your wool block. I love it!! I'm sorry the walking foot didn't work out for you. I can't imagine life without mine. And yes, I'm starting a couple of Christmas gifts this month.

  2. Your wool block turned out beautifully. At least you are finding out what works and what doesn't. Happy stitching this weekend.

  3. You wool block is excellent!

  4. Great to hear your up to date........
    How nice is the rose......

  5. How annoying the walking foot didn"t work for you.
    Well done being up to date with your BOMs..
    Yep I am busy doing some secret Christmas sewing.

  6. Glad you are caught up! I am close I think.
    As long as I keep plugging along.
    I have been thinking about and stressing about getting Christmas presents done in July! Does that count????


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