Friday, August 11, 2017


Here in my area of Florida--
 we got up to grey skies--
and they have pretty much been that way all day--
during the night we had some rain--
and we had T-storms and more rain this afternoon--
we just don't have very many 'grey' days all day!!!
I can sew whether it is sunny or grey!!!!

I did look at this block this morning--
and decided it too had something missing--
off I went looking for them--
and as right now--my apt is full of them --
I found a couple right off--
(dust bunnies)
so two of them hopped right up there in the patch of flowers!!!!

and we got another row stitched together today--
so we are 'buzzing' right along here--
just 2 more rows to go,with, some of the stitching  done on the next row!!!

Another package came in the mail today--
an all blue charm pack for Anne--
Blue is her favorite color!!
Would love one of these myself!!!!!!
some blue Grunge fabric--
another blue snowflake fabric--
a couple yards of white fabric--
now I will be 'bored' the rest of the month--
no packages to look forward getting in the mail--!!!!

and  bit of a mystery--
see this package--???
I think I have a 'mouse' or a really hungry fairy lives here--
I swear I just open the package and it is gone--
and I know that I only eat '2' of them a day-(really)
but everytime I go to the cupboard --the package is empty!!!!!!??????

Hey--I just realized it is-
and make some memories--



  1. Gorgeous blue charm pack!! Lovely flowers...I love embroidery...nice work hugs, Julierose

  2. Love the bunnies on your block! They are just the perfect touch. Such pretty fabrics. Why didn't you order two of everything? You're made of money, aren't you? LOL! We're going to have that gray rainy day tomorrow. Have fun sewing!!

  3. I love how you added bunnies! They are adorable and really jazz up your block! Your quilt top is coming along so well.

  4. So cute!!! My dust bunnies are not that cute!! Do not feel alone with your dreary weather; we are having multiple days in a row of gray rainy weather. Good excuse to hide in the sewing room!!

  5. Very cute "dust" bunnies. They look perfect in with the flowers. Those belVita's disappear fast around here too. But it's usually the teenager that's responsible.

  6. The dust bunnies were the missing piece. Non-crafters laugh at our hodge podge collections but we know there will be that one project that need those 2 little dust bunnies and we will have them.

    I only made a couple of those bee blocks for the bom and then lost interest. They're great blocks and I love making blocks like this but they just weren't keeping me interested and there's only so much time in the day.


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