Monday, August 14, 2017


I spent alot of time today--
with this little guy in my hands--

My favorite 'best friend' sent to me by a best friend Alice along time ago--
we have 'removed' many stitches together--
and today it was in my hands working hard for 3 hours-yep--3 hours!!!

Remember we left off on Friday I think with this project--
we had 3 rows done--
and on Saturday--
I actually got the last 2 rows done and it all stitched together and--
I also got the next small outer border ready--
 then I would get the 'willy's' every time I walked by it--
it just was not a happy camper and it kept shouting at me--
"My lattice blocks are too dark and distracting--so you don't even notice all the work in the actual blocks"--Do something about it--now!!!!!

So by this morning I knew I had to do something about it--
so I could stop the "shouting" going on around here--
and I sat down with the
and the quilt --
and now this is what I have---
strips of the lattice--
and a pile of --
and No idea where this project will go next????????????
I spent alot of money on that pile of fabric for the squares--
but they just don't seem to go--
been online looking at other fabric--still nothing is shouting at me that they are the right ones!!

So what did you do with your day--????



  1. Omg huge job... But yes best to unpick now then regret it..

  2. I thought it was a needle threader at first sight. I just recently had to purchase a new seam ripper. Mine disappeared. Discovered my new one was sharper than the old one.

  3. If it makes you feel better, I have been using his twin brother quite a bit lately. Half the time it is me not liking something and the other half is me being "distracted." I love little McNugget there. Too cute!!!

  4. Oh dear.... that is a lot of unpicking... but better now than hating the quilt later... xx

  5. That was a huge job but sometimes you just have to do it. Otherwise you will never be happy with the quilt. I agree the border blocks were too dark for your inner blocks. How do the blocks look without the border/sashing? Could they be sewn together as is and then maybe use the borders to border the quilt?

  6. Oh, that wasn't fun at all. But better now than to have a quilt you really aren't happy with. What if you just took at the dark brown squares? That seems to be what is making the sashing so prominent.


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