Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Of the Christmas blocks for this bom--
and it is finished--
but I did have to use that darn seam ripper a couple few times!!!
What can I say it was just one of those days--
the body was willing--
but the brain must of stayed in bed!!!
Now to decide how to finish the quilt--
I think it is kinda neat how this block came out!!

Remember these prints that I got to make a tote bag out of for my friend --Anne--
well--I did make her one-
and from these--but I was so excited to get it finished,
I wrapped it right up and along with the rest of her gifts to see if everything would fit
in the box I had for shipping-and guess what---???
forgot to take a photo of it!!!!!!!!!!!!
I used a small red, black and white cat print I had for the bottom and the handles and I made
the tote reversible--
and now it the package is on  it's way to her house in NY!!!

And NO I did not go out and see the eclipse--I need my eyes for sewing at my age--
I feel one can't be too careful ( and I did not have the special glasses!!)
but I have seen some awesome photos on line-soooo!



  1. I like your lights! Very cool! I am sure the tote was awesome. The fabrics are really cute.

  2. Cute block. Putting it all together should be fun. I'll expect to see pics of Anne's bag after she receives it!

  3. That block is very cute - I look forward to seeing you put it all together :-) With those fabrics I'm sure the bag for Anne was totally gorgeous!

  4. Fabulous Block and hope to see the bag when your friend receives it and takes a pic...

  5. Adorable kitty fabrics. I am sure Anne will love her gifted bag! You will have a sweet and cute new quilt to hang up for the holidays this year!


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