Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Got made today--
first up was the 10" one to go with the Patchwork bom--
and I was happy stitching this one--
cause I used my blue bunny fabric--
and then I had to make the 4--5" ones --
And yes--I have no idea what I am doing????
Don't know if all the 10" ones will go into one quilt --
and the little ones in a second quilt-(the bom is only for the little ones--
I increase that block to make the 10" size!!)--
we will just have to wait and see---

So this makes 3 days in a row I have made blocks--hummm????

I am thinking I want to knit something besides --
just baby sweaters and socks--
wonder if this would be a good project ????


  1. You're really on a roll! Is it still blistering hot there?

  2. You've gotten lots done. Hmm, I think I'd pass on that last knitting project.

  3. That's an interesting block. The plaid fabric makes it look wonky but it's not. Nice illusion.

    I've seen patterns for knit and crochet guns but I haven't made one. My next knit project will probably be a zebra stuffie. I also need to make a new pair of fingerless mitts for myself but I might wait until I finish my socks first.


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