Thursday, August 10, 2017


First thing today (after doing my walk on the trail and going down to the dock to knit--and laugh at the squirrels)
I decided to finish cutting the strips that go around each Bee block--
Now--to back track a bit--
Plan A--was not doing this step--
but then decided to go for it-
Plan B was using the cream with the little black designs--
so I preceded  to cut-
and horror's--
am short of fabric for 2 blocks--and it is an old print--
Plan C--out came one of the prints that I auditioned yesterday--
the cream one with tiny green dots--
Now I also could of taken out 4 blocks and not done all 5 rows--
but just had a  hard time picking out 4 to leave out--
so now the plan is to alternate the green dot border rows--
so 2 rows will be green dot and the other 3 will be the cream and black!!

But look what I also discovered when I was laying them out to pick out the 4--
Can you spot the problem????
Look at the wood signs!!
See I missed doing some embroidery on the second sign--
the good news is---
it is finished now and all ready to go into the next row on the quilt!!!

I also got a order in the mail today--
I ordered some fabric for my friend Anne--in NY--
She will love this one--am planning on making her a tote bag with these two--
and these 2 will be gifts for her to do something with--
She makes alot of dog and cat quilts--I think she will like this one--
and she loves loves birds too--
I have wanted this panel for  ever--
and I know she will really love this one-
the good news is--the panel is long and has double photos on it--
so guess who will finally gets some tooooo!!!!

and I needed a new background fabric for a project --
so got this one for me--
but do have a couple other's of this type coming in on another order--
so we will see--


I love the look on this cat's face!!!
Hey, Dad what are you doing under there????


  1. Oh I couldn't find your problem til I looked at the second photo...LOL
    What beautiful fabrics arrived. Will make a lovely tote...

  2. I couldn't find it either..(" eyes are dim, I cannot not see, I have {hey} not {ho} brought my specs with meeee...") from an old old song lol
    anyway, your quilt is lovely...nice panel you use it as is or cut out the blocks and re-sash them? hugs, Julierose

  3. Well, plan C worked out perfectly! I couldn't spot the problem either, so no wonder you missed that little bit.. all done now and well done for spotting it in time! Love the kitty fabrics xx

  4. Plan C is perfect! You're really on a roll. I'm sure Anne will love her new tote in that cute fabric.

  5. A very elegant solution to your fabric shortage problem. Very fun fabrics. I've seen that bird panel, looking forward to seeing your version come together.


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