Tuesday, September 19, 2017


I did get out with the camera today--
and noted alot of changes--
first the view from my bedroom window-
towards the right--the woods--
It was raining when I took this one early this morning--
now I can see that whole house--
before Hurricane Matthew last year--I couldn't see any of it--
then after that one I could see a bit of the roof--
now I get the whole house!!!

And I guess the storm multiplied our ducks--
cause we went from '2'--

to six!!!!
the water in the pond is from the rain early this morning--

I started my photo tour by going out the back door--
guess Nancy's garden took a big hit--she was out there busy cleaning up still--
lots and lots of tree damage--
look here--is a regular tree branch up in a palm tree!!!
our trail that I walked nearly everyday is closed--
my favorite place to knit is closed--
there is these 2 big trees leaning on the railings--
and a electric line is holding them up--
and it does look like we lost alot more of the bank on this side of the ramp-
we lost alot of it last year to Matthew--!!!
this is one of our tall parking lot lights--
funny thing is --it still works!!!
down the street about a block-it looks like the road washed out--
or nearly--and I am pretty sure there was some trees or bushes here--but not now--
first time I have ever seen these piling with out it being full of birds of some kind sitting on them!!
this dock is the next one down from ours--
here is how it looks now--

and here is how it looked before Irma--
the dock area went all around that boat hanging area--!!
this is the dock--was the dock that was to the other side of our dock--
and this dock had just been up graded and had a couple boats on it--
hopefully they removed the boats before the storm--
what is left of a brand new car port!!
this tree took a loss-in that rope was a huge planter and plant--but this tree lost some branches--
and it looked like they have some damage in the back yard--
these are the same people that lost the dock where the boat is still hanging!!
and I think this house has some history!!!
most of the trees now look this this--
and today I learned why--
it is from the 'salt' from the water!!!
Also heard that Patrick Air force base had alot of damage this time for the first time--
but not sure just what--and of course beach side there is alot of buildings damaged--

when I returned from the walk down the street --
I came into the front parking lot and seen this--
I spent a half hour trying to find the owner of this vehicle--
she did take it right to the car wash and luckily it all washed off--
but was some kind of white wash stuff--
apparently is was kids doing something--a couple other cars has a bit on them --
but nothing like poor Ann-Maries car--she said it cost her $8 to wash it--but--
it did all come off!!!  Sad!!!

Ok lets end with a couple good photos --
a couple happy ducks-
and look at someones red car reflection in the pond!!




  1. Wow - lots of pictures. I hope everything gets put back to rights soon. And I hope you can get back to your dock soon!!

  2. Hope they soon get round to opening the dock. I wonder if the ducks will stay. :)

  3. WOW 😳 sure is lots of damage. You will have to take care walking around.

  4. Wow, hope the dock is open soon.. you will be missing your time down there... xx

  5. While it's not good I thought it may have been worse........

  6. Not fun stuff at all. Saying it could have been worse is true, but I'm sure that doesn't help much when it's your normal that's been disrupted so significantly.

  7. I hate seeing all the damage. Now that trees are turning brown, they really look awful. I hope they get things cleaned up soon sweet friend. Hugs!

  8. I like that the house painted Nascar drivers and their numbers on the plywood lol.

    The neighborhoods around here aren't the same either. Too many trees and fences down. My area seems to lose docks and piers with every storm.


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