Friday, September 22, 2017


I have alot of unpacking yet to do--
as I packed all my quilts and such in large plastic bags--
and hid them in a hall closet in case a window blew out--
and I am leaving them right in there until hurricane season is over!!!!!!

I have been able to get some sewing done the last couple days--
I redid these blocks--
the large star one--
the 4 corner ones--
I think these bats glow in the dark--
here is the first ones I did--
so a big difference I think--
the orange one in the first photo now and the bat one--
 are ones I got at Sunny's shop in Maryland--
and I did get the next set of 10 blocks done today--

so now I can probably finish this top tomorrow--as it was a short mystery one--
and then I really really need to get back to work on my bom's--am almost out of month!!!!

And I did have a package waiting for me when I got home--
Missouri Star had a sale on rotary blades in packs of 5--
and they had gotten in some white snowflake fabric on white background--so needed some for the Christmas bom we just finished and I needed some more of this other line to go with the layer cake I got of it--so got some of that--and the round thing is a tape measure and was a free gift!!!


Happy Fall  everyone!!!


  1. Well, you obviously got your sewing machine unpacked! Mine is getting packed tomorrow for retreat. I'm glad to hear things are returning to normal, and you were able to use your new very special fabric that Charlie picked out for you.

  2. Great to see you back to sewing..
    The stars will make a lovely Halloween Quilt and how nice to have some fabrics as a reminder of going shopping with Sunny.

  3. I love those Halloween blocks, very fun. Happy stitching this next week.

  4. I like that glow in the dark bat fabric. Many years ago, I made myself a shirt from glow in the dark pumpkin fabric. It was quite a hit with people.

  5. Your new blocks pop. I think they will look much better in the finished wall hanging. I love glow in the dark fabric especially for Halloween.

  6. Good to see you back into it again...xox

  7. Great sewing Di - hope you're catching up on your BOMs now! I forgot to say how cool it was that you got to catch up with Sunny while you were away :-)


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