Saturday, September 2, 2017


and no I have not been on a vacation--
only from much sewing, though, I guess!!
It was time for me to start my Fall cleaning--
I started with my quilt patterns and books and magazines--
I have 'run' off way too many patterns on the printer--
there is no way I will ever get to them all--
so I had to slowly go through them and decide--
I now have a nice big 3 ring binder with them all in it --and sorted!!!

I have been collecting fabric for this --
It is a Halloween mystery stitch along--from Fort Worth quilt shop--
Di what are you thinking???
you don't do Halloween projects--
must be the 'mood' I have been in the last month or so--
cause this is the 2nd--yep--you read that right--
my 2nd Halloween project--
the first one is applique--hope to show that one soon--
and then this one--
I got 3 patterns behind already on this one-
couldn't find background fabric I liked for it--
until yesterday--
so today I got week #1 done--
we had to do make 4 of these blocks--
on to week #2--
here we ran into a problem--
had planned to use this fabric--
until I went to draw a line on the back of the block for half square triangles and realized something wasn't quiet right????
now for a Walmart story here--
I did not buy walmart fabric before moving down here--
cause I have always had problems with their fabrics--
for the fall items--I did not see any harm in it--
while there though for the Halloween fabrics--
I discovered that Walmart had a new fabric now--
it is 100% polyester--now this is not like out "old" polyester--
this is new and is light weight and looks almost like 100% cotton and they put them in with the cotton prints--so in the row of Halloween I found these bolts and so I thought I was being careful--
but somehow I still came home with one--this fabric is a bit shiny compared to cotton, too--
I will not use these in my quilts--
had to go to second choice--
I am not happy with my choice--it needs more contrast--
but for now--
I will leave it--
we will see how the quilt progress's--but I may have to do this block over again!!!
I am still one week behind--maybe tomorrow--
then again--
I am worried about "Irma"--so I may spend tomorrow cleaning my closet and getting my suitcases ready--in case she decides to come and visit this coast!!!!

We had a really hard rain and thunder storm here late this afternoon--
here is our 'pond'--
See that grey square thing in the middle of the back of this photo---
water is part way up that--usually it is way below that--
so we got water--and lightning--



  1. Whew! I've called off the search party. I didn't realize you're not a Halloween person. I'm not either! Although I love Fall. We've had a rainy drizzly day today, but it hasn't added up to much rain. Hopefully more summer-like tomorrow. Sorry to hear about your Wal Mart fabric. I don't think our WalMart has fabric.

  2. I had a Labrador. I know all about those majical fibers

  3. Your little pond is too full after our last little tropical wave. I don't think it will be able to handle Irma. I've been praying it will turn in the Atlantic and go North and avoid the coast completely. It would be nice if it fizzled out because she's gonna be a big on.

    I like your choice of Halloween fabrics but I agree your star block is not quite up to par. What about adding some bright orange ric rac or embroidery stitches? I think you've played with the seam ripper too much lately.

  4. The candy corn fabric makes me want a little bag of candy corn. Pretty much pure sugar but makes me think of eating it as a child.

  5. I love fall and Halloween, but I never seem to get any Halloween done because I have already started a million other things. Maybe the key is to start in January. I hope Irma goes away for both of our sakes. We have enough rain just in general. Fortunately I have lots of real books and hand stitching to do!

  6. I should follow your example and clean up the sewing room. Enjoy making your 2 Halloween projects.

  7. I wondered where you had got to :)
    Hope you avoid Nasty Irma.

  8. Goodness that is a lot of rain! I was also wondering where you are.. well done with fall cleaning and sewing! xx


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