Friday, September 8, 2017


So far--
we left Melbourne, Fl at 9;30PM

and headed north on 95-
and I became the co-pilot

traffic was heavy--but doing well-
only slowed down  a couple times--
we did get a kick out of the rest stops--
they  were-packed with cars and trucks parked all over the place--
side by side
we just kept driving--
at one point we did pull into a Waffle house parking lot--
and DD got an hour's sleep-
we arrived at a Motel in Columbia, SC at
8:30 AM and they let us rent a room at that time
we crashed for a couple hours--
DD is out hunting us some food and supplies--
we will be here for tonight and will head out again tomorrow--
we might go by and see lil sister tomorrow she is about another hour and half from here--
and then head on north--
I am beyond tired today-- I am one who needs her sleep-
but hopefully I will get some tonight!!!!
Enjoy the moments,di


  1. I was hoping you and your daughter would head north. Good thing you left when you did because it's gridlock now. Down here south of Tampa they are saying it's too late to evacuate. They are saying to think tens of miles not hundreds of miles. We've battened down the hatches and we are heading over to our kid's house which is higher and has hurricane shutters. This is probably the worst storm I've seen and it's been so steady. Stay Safe

  2. OH, I am glad you got out of there! Praying for a storm that just peters out!!

  3. Sew happy you both are out of Irmas way... Stay safe. 🤗😘

  4. I used to live in Columbia, SC.

  5. Hope you both got some rest! Driving through the night is very stressful. Hope to see you as you buzz through my area.

  6. Good to hear you are away from the storm. Stay safe.

  7. Hope you managed to sleep - good to hear you are well away - take care.

  8. Hope you can get some sleep--I totally empathize--as i am one who needs my 8-9 hrs daily or forget it!! Glad you are going out of harm's way...stay safe hugs, Julierose

  9. Hope traffic continues to move. Be safe!!

  10. Sounds like leaving at night was the way to go. Hopefully you didn't get too much damage from Irma.


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