Sunday, September 10, 2017


We are in Hillsville, SC--
and we are really slow this morning getting going--
today's plan it driving the Blue Ridge mountains on RT 81

Yesterday we did make it to my sisters--
and did spent about 5 hours with her--
and we took her to lunch here--
==I know dont laugh==we took her to a Seafood place--
you would like that we were still in Florida eating seafood--
then we went back to her place and sat outside in the beautiful weather they were having for the rest of the afternoon and looked at all her coloring she has done and looked through photo albums--
lil sister is very artistic talented and she does a beautiful job at both--
and I found this rose outside her house--
and she ==or rather her husband had a lot of these running around--

So they kept us entertained--thought that was hard as Dawn is allergic to them--
so I had to be careful too--
and I happened to be over photographing this tree-
and happened to step into a red ant hill--
and yes I got bitten a couple times-
but Dawn to the rescue-she had some good stuff in the car to take the sting out of it and it did not really bother me much till this morning--and I just put some more on it--soooo==
another flower on Barbs porch--
well--gotta go--
off on another adventure--
I really am glad we left town--but traveling is hard too--
plus the not really knowing what is going on to where we actually live it hard--
and the reports coming from our area is not great and Irma is still on the very tip of FL--
Prayers and Safety to all--
Love, di



  1. Glad you got out of there too!! Stuff can be replaced--you can't!! The Blueridge Pkwy is gorgeous. I expect to see lots of pretty pictures. Please!

  2. Sew good you did leave. Nice to have spent time with your sis and her hubby...
    Safe travels 🤗

  3. It sounds like uypou made a good decision to leave but I know you will be anxious about what you will find back home. Enjoy your travels - make the most of your enforced time away.

  4. Heehee! I know where your next adventure is taking you. See you soon!!

  5. The waiting is the hardest part, both before and after. Hope you've had some fun adventure and that it's not too bad at home.

  6. Sounds like you two are on a nice little driving tour. Traveling can be so tiring though so you both will need a day or two to recuperate from your travels when you get back home.

    Those fire ants are rotten little stingers. I'm a bit sensitive to them so I have to take benadryl otherwise the area swells a lot. So much itching for such a little bite.

    Safe travels!


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