Thursday, September 21, 2017


What does one take when one is evacuating???
Personnel papers and keepsakes--mostly--
and clothes are nice too!!!

and I did take those-
I also took my artificial Christmas tree--

2 small boxes of my good glass stuff--
2 boxes of picture frame mats,
and my sewing machine--
Why you ask--
you see --I had thought I could go Back--
I had reapplied to move back into the Jefferson Village apts--
where I lived before moving to Fl--
and they had called with an apt for me for Nov 1st--
so these were items that I did not want to ship back to NY--
so we had planned to leave them up there--
you can't go back---
I had some reasons for wanting to go back--
1. I missed my yarn shop--and taking lessons there and just going there to sit and knit--
2. my doctors office was just one block away--
3. I could walk over town--less than 4 blocks away anytime I wanted
4. eye doctor is only 3 blocks away--
5. a 5 minute ride on a van to get to Walmart and 5 minute ride home--
6. even though there is not a fabric shop in Watkins anymore--there is some nice ones about half hour drive away and I have friends who shop at them and still quilt--
you can't go back--
My daughter and I visited the Jefferson our first day in NY on Tuesday--
the apt that I was told that would be next to my old one--was not going to be available--after all!
but a corner unit was --the corner units are cold--and the view was not good at all--
soooo--that did not go over well--
and there was a couple other things that left me unsettled that day--

On Wednesday--
I got to be with Anne--we visited her daughter's shop first--then walked to the yarn shop and we sat down to visit in there--and guess what--I had to leave-they got in a new line of soap--smelly stuff!!
so we went out to sit on a bench on the street--we had a lovely visit--but then I remembered why I hated the streets--way way too many semi trucks go through that town (2-lane streets) and the diesel smell was getting  to me--

then we went to a new little cafe for lunch and we had a lovely tuna sandwich and in walked my nurse that gave me my B-12 injections for years and I told her I was moving back and guess what she told me--???--we are closing the office Sept 29th----ouch--
by this time I really was believing that--
You can't go back!!!
and it keep going this way--
so that by Thursday morning when I was suppose to go sign some paper work--
I knew that I could not move back--so did not take the apartment-
and my Christmas tree and all the rest of the stuff came right back to Florida with me!!!
and that is my story and I am sticking to it!!!

So as you can see I had alot of adventures and lots of stress really on this trip--
especially trying to explain to the DD why I had changed my mind--
that was not an easy thing to do!!

 So I did get my sewing corner here all cleaned up and the machine set back up--
and today I did do some sewing--
photos tomorrow--
sorry for another long post--but--
wanted you to know--that you can't go back--sometimes--
maybe in the spring or summer-------------------------------!!!!!



  1. Well, at least you're settled back in at home, and Maria is not going to come calling.

  2. NO Di! you can't go back. Things are never the same.
    You have your DD and DS here and now your sewing corner is set up again.
    Happy sewing...
    Shame I'm not coming...LOL...

  3. Oh... it is hard to know sometimes when to go back and when not to... sounds like the decision was made for you though! xx

  4. Oh that had to be a hard decision. Sometimes we think going back to where we were would be so nice, but it's so easy to forget that where we were changes too. In good and bad ways.

  5. I hope you can figure out what would be best for you. I have so many times wanted to have a small place in my hometown but I know it would not be the same...none of the same people either. Lots of hugs! Oh...I LOVE that map! How funny! Wish we didn't have to go SO far North though! hahaha!

  6. I'm sorry you couldn't go back to NY. I've always felt Florida was like a different world. In my area you really can't stroll around and shop very easily. I love little quaint towns where everyone knows your name but that's not here. When we moved to Upstate NY for almost two years we were so surprised when we moved back to Florida and so much had changed.

  7. I've been wondering how you were after your 'adventuring' Di and how things were when you got back home. It sounds like a very emotional time for you. With your sewing machine back out, I hope you are settled back into your home. Sending you big hugs and love xxx


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