Thursday, October 5, 2017


So lets talk about 'Pink" first--
I have actually gotten all my pink projects done--
already for this month--
You seen the cat block--
well--now here in all her glory is the-- Pink Cat--
oh--and she wants me to point out--
that she has 'bunnies' on her fur!!!
and aren't her polka dot toes cute????
and her is the log cabin block that goes with her--
Lots of pinks!!!

Then while on a 'roll'--
I worked on the designing the pink bird--
and at photo time yesterday--
here she is--
Oh dear--
something is not right--
her lower tummy is --
well--just not right--
so this morning--
she went back to the sewing room--
and now lookie
Much better--
designing can be 'challenging to say the least!!"
and here is the strip block to go with the bird block--
lots more pink--
now I had to get the pink stuff done--
cause it was 'clashing' with the orange stuff--
and talking about orange stuff--
I must be really 'sick'-- cause look what I brought home yesterday--
a cute bright orange bowl--
I never would of believed that Di would bring an orange bowl into her space--
hummm--wonder if we should call the doctor???

While on the subject of orange--
here is her lastest baby sweater
more orange!!!!

and now on to the Ghost fairies--
remember I gave them the assignment to baste the Halloween mystery quilt????
they did sorta show up--
and laid it out for me--
while I got the binding made for it--
But then they said they were 'outta' here--
they had to go home and go to bed--
as they needed their energy for being out and about this evening--
scaring people--
oh my!!!
So I did finish it for them and got it based and even got some hand quilting done it today!!!


We were without water for about 5 hours yesterday--late afternoon and evening--
I am sooo glad that I buy bottle water--
today we have been under a 'boil water' advisory--
and late this afternoon--
I noticed that we have very low water pressure--
and our road has been closed all day cause of a wash out--
right near where the water main broke--
so like I said--Irma is still around--!!!!! 
( and again another rainy day and no sunshine--boooo!!!)



  1. Loving all your PINK stuff.....
    Nice orange bowl and what sweet jumper..
    Wont be long and you'll finish the Halloween quilt ...

  2. I really like you pink kitty. I wasn't sure how that fabric was going to work, but it's really cute. Hope the water woes are no more and things are back to normal.

  3. I love all your pink stuff!!! Sweet sweater... xx

  4. Love your pink cat, and the bird is adorable!! Great work on pinks. I of course, haven't started pink yet. Hope your weather and your water situation get straightened out soon!

  5. What an interesting fabric for the pink cat!


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