Tuesday, October 3, 2017


with 'clicking' off some things on my 'to do list'--
the first one was cleaning off my 'poor' little table--
it seemed to have been collecting all sorts of items since I got home-
2 weeks ago--poor thing!!!!

In that process, the first thing that went on the 'clean' table was--
my box of wool-
and then 2 two projects got prepped--
Ahh--yes--this is August's wool block--shhhh--don't tell anyone--
that I am that far behind on these!!!
Is September's block--
I love how I bagged up each color of wool and put them into large storage bags--
so so much easier finding the right shade now of whatever color I need!!!

And I love love  pink--
did you know that about me--???
sure 'you' did--
so out came the basket of pink on the day it was announced as this months color!!
and here will be this months cat--
all marked now and even the applique thread is picked out--

and -
remember I got a couple skeins of sock yarn in NY?
they are self stripping yarns--
and one can get both socks to match--
provided one knows how to start each one correctly--
the problem for me is -- I can't seem to do just one sock-
I need to do both at the same time--
so first I rolled the yarn into 2 balls--by using each end in the skein--
but then I could not get the second balls colors to co ordinate with the first one--
so today I had a brain storm--
I re-wound one of the balls--
and now look--
sock one--
sock two--
now to see as I keep going if I did it right???????

What did you do today????



  1. Great fabric picks for your pink kitty. Hope you get caught up soon on your wool blocks.

  2. Love the cat!! Thanks for the tip on Pink. I haven't had a chance to check on that yet. Good job on prepping your wool projects. You'll have them finished in no time! I prepped a couple of small embroideries for my road trip. Hope to get some done tonight.

  3. I like that sock yarn, great colours. The pink cat is going to be cute. I can't believe you are behind ... I bet you catch up before I get sterted on my ufos :) Just "unknitted" half a baby blanket - didn't see the mistake until now. That's what happens when you knit and watch a new film at the same time :) reruns work better.
    Have fun!

  4. ah, I hope the socks work! It does look like you got it right... love the cat!! and I love pink.... xx

  5. WooHoo for socks! I hope your socks are matchy matchy for you. I've done it a few times but I actually like crazy mismatched socks so I don't bother anymore. I do love the colors.


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