Wednesday, October 11, 2017


with a day to spare!!!
Got the wool block finished for Sept-
Now --some of the details are not here yet--
cause they will be buttons--once the blocks are all done and into to a quilt top--

and I was wondering how the first 9 blocks looked all together--
so I tacked them up on the design board--
remember the first row was spring--
second row is summer--
and the third row is fall--
bet you can guess what the fourth row will be????
yep--winter--you are all 'smart' people!!!
the first block for winter comes out on Friday, I believe!!!

Now I will get back to hand quilting the Halloween mystery wall hanging--
I almost have the center block done--
and the socks are coming along really nicely now--
am to the heel part on them--
will take photo soon and show you my progress!!!

                                             I want that all black kitten--Please!!!!


  1. Love your wool blocks. I did not get all of them saved somehow. Looks like you are right on time to finish your Halloween quilt too. Well done!!

  2. You are rolling along, again! I'm really starting to miss my sewing machine. And it's probably lonely without me....

  3. Oh Di, your wool blocks are darling. I know if I picked up wool applique there would be no turning back. I just can't have another stash right now. Although you only need small pieces of wool and they take up less space right? ;)

  4. You wool project is lovely Di..
    Great finishing the Mystery Halloween Quilt.

  5. Those wool blocks are very fun. Congrats on getting all caught up with a day to spare.

  6. Love th love those wool blocks! Well done on getting them finished in time for the next one to arrive!


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