Sunday, October 1, 2017


WET day here all day--woke early to hear rain pounding the windows--
and it has been that way off and on all day--
our pond is full--full -- full!!

I did get a package in the mail this week--
from Missouri star quilt co.--the charm pack--Toscana was on special for only-
wait for it--
only 99 cents--sooo--
and it is full of luscious colors of greens, blues, purples, ect--!!!
and I got some black grunge--for a project--
and some dark purple grunge--just because!!!
and the 2 small prints for baby quilts--hopefully--
hey Sunny--what can make with half yard of these????

and yesterday I had some really gooood coupons for JoAnn's so another tenant
Caroline and I ventured there--
and here is my stash from there--
some butttons for a couple special projects--the tiny black rick rack is also for a project--
and --buttons were 50% off with my coupon--the rick rack was 40% off with the coupon!!
take a look at this find--
remember me getting a 10" layer cake of these prints--
and I even found the quilt pattern I want to use--but needed a fabric to go with them--
and this was 50% off for the cut--3 1/2 yards--yes!!!
and it took some hunting in the last month but I finally found the perfect one--
now--tell Diane to get busy and start it--
she is trying to tell herself that she has to wait until after Christmas to stitch it--
as she needs to be working on Christmas gifts--!!!!!

and on the way home we stopped at a different thrift store
and I made a bigggg purchase--
bought me a Cherry pie for 50 cents!!!
I used to love pretty tins and had some in NY--but this is my first one for here--
and here is the inside--
all cherries--wonder what came in the tin?????

Hope to have a finish for you tomorrow--
so stay tuned!!!!
In the meantime--
check out my other site--as I took some photos from the bedroom window !!!

               Enjoy the moments, di


  1. The fabric is so pretty and you got a great deal. I don't dare go to a craft store right now! I would go crazy! haha! My new hobby is so much fun but I'm sure they have tons of things I 'need'! We didn't get much rain but it's been a nice weekend! Hugs!

  2. oh, I love your purchases!! Such pretty fabric and cute buttons! xx

  3. Lots of lovely fabrics arrived in the post and what great bargains you got when you went shopping.
    Fabulous tin....

  4. Great deals. I really like the lilac fabric and the flower print.
    First autumn storm last night and verywet here, too.

  5. Lots of fun new things to play with. It's hard to wait when you got such pretties. I like the new blog background. Very festive!


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