Monday, October 23, 2017


Third--fall in Florida--
it took some time for me to really--
feel like Fall here and for me to decorate--
( well, maybe getting the box down off the closet shelf--
and sitting in the middle of the floor helped a little??)
so here is what I did--
this is in the corner here by the tv/computer area--
 I think 'Miss Daisy' needs something there on the seat by her--
sounds like a shopping trip to me!!
and these are on the wall next to the tv stand--
(took done other counted cross stitch and put these up and changed the flowers in the wall basket)
here is the little table area--
(but have decided that I must get rid of this table set before it is time to put up the Christmas tree--
as this the tree wall--)
used this wall hanging as a table runner--
tacked this guy up on the wall by the sewing area--
he will keep an eye on me while I stitch later in the week--
this is the center piece for the large table--
I love those darn scarecrow heads!!
this is on the other side of the tv/computer area--
remember this one????
this one is hanging by the door on the inside--
one is on the outside of the door--
(just replaced the new ghost one-that one was up for a while now!!!)

and here is an update on the sock knitting adventure--
got the first pair all done--
can you see how well these self stripping socks line up--
I am happy about this!!!
really wasn't sure I could do it--
and here is the next pair started--
so far so good--
and both of these socks are further along now--
I love this color yarn and would love to have a shawl make from it--
so just might have to get me another skein of it--
though it is too hot here year round to wear shawls--
see --
I really did 'goof' not moving back to NY--
in more ways that one, since I have been back--ouch!!!

And I am steadily  working on the hand quilting of the Halloween mystery hanging--
have just 3 outer border areas left to do--so keep your fingers crossed--maybe by the end of the week I will have a finish to show you!!!!!



  1. Looking good! I'm much too lazy to decorate. And under a bed somewhere, is a whole box of fall decorations. Why don't you pop up and do it for me??

  2. You have made so many cute things for Fall and Halloween. I know I should be sewing instead of crafting...but I can't stop! haha! I miss wearing scarves but I don't miss the cold weather. I like the sunshine! Enjoy your week and this little bit of cooler weather! Hugs!

  3. You've brought autumn inside very well. Love your autumn wall hangings and decorations. Hopefully you'll see at least some less humid weather soon.

  4. Your home looks lovely with all the Fall decorations...
    Love the socks...

  5. OK,now that you are done decorating like a pro--get on up here and help me. It all looks awesome.

  6. You brought out my favorite wall hanging - the scarecrow. I don't remember the squirrel with the falling leaves though. It is adorable!

    Great job matching your socks. I like mine mismatched but I've made matching ones for gifts before. The new sock yarn is beautiful. I love knitting shawls. I use shawls year round. If you choose a lacy design and use sock yarn those shawls are perfect for those places that keep their ac really cold. I like using sport weight yarn for a warmer winter shawl.


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