Sunday, October 8, 2017


It really has been a challenge this week--
there was a watermain break and then another issue at the water treatment plant-
that resulted in low water pressure for a good 2 days and we have been under a 'boil water' advisory since Oct 5th--

I though that Irma was long gone--
actually it started with Irma I guess and then last week we had days of heavy rain and wind and it just helped to continue some of Irma's damage
our street is closed from out in front of here--
cause the road gave way in a couple different spots--

there used to be trees and shrubs here--gone--
all gone--
the wash outs are right up to the road and a bit of the road itself disappeared--
it's a mess--not sure how they are going to fix it--
it needs a wall build along here--but don't know if they will????

Then this morning--
I was finally able to go down on the dock--
  (Remember after Hurricane Matthew last year--we lost some of the
flat ground--beach area--that was under our ramp--maybe about 2 feet or so??)

as they cut down the trees that were leaning on the ramp--
and I 'cried'--
I was pretty sure more of the banking was gone--
but I was not prepared for this--
this is about a 5-6 foot drop off now--
the whole beach area and all the banking is gone--
this is less than 2 feet from the street!!!
and those 'crazy' guys who cut the trees down--
just cut them into big chunks and dropped them into the river--
we used to be able to walk on dry ground under this ramp!!!
all the beach is gone--and alot of the banking is lost--though the area between here and the street do widen up in this area!!

But a Blue jay showed up--
and yes I had some peanuts with me--
and then a couple squirrels came running down the ramp when they heard my voice--
and Leaper even climbed up on the railing--
and jumped--
on to the tree branch--that has no leaves right now-
and this branch used to be over beach area--and now is about a foot or more of river water under it--
I nearly passed out--thinking he would land in the river--
but he didn't--crazy squirrel--
then Rocky heard me and showed up--
and I threw him some peanuts--though I had a hard time finding some ground to throw them onto--
(can only throw them on the side now )
then he went along the river edge hunting for grubs--I guess--
and by then my other 'friends' started showing up--
Mr C. and Mr.W--
So they are 'happy' that the dock is open--
I am sure!!!!

The other sad thing about the river now is the color--
it is a thick brown color--
and is probably from the millions of gallons of sewage the village right across the river dumped into it during Irma--cause that heavy rain and wind storm we had came right out of the east--and it probably washed it all over here--so it felt--weird down there--????

So this is my sad story--
still now good water--good thing I drink and cook only with bottled water!!



  1. I'm so sorry for the loss of your beachfront. It's not like it will come back either. :(

  2. Yucky times are sure to come to an end soon!!! Did you get any more rain from Nate?

  3. I am glad that all of your furry and feathery friends are bouncing back even if the landscape is suffering. Hope your water is back to normal soon.

  4. Oh Di that is all sew sad but it nice to see your friends re appear and that they remembered you..

  5. So glad to see your friends are still there. I bet they were glad to see you again. The birds are beautiful.

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  7. Aww how sad. Although it's still a beautiful place and the animals are so happy to have you! Bless you Di. Thanks for giving them a little treat. Oh and us a treat too - to see all pictures! They are wonderful.

  8. It's hard to see things damaged. We've lost so many trees and now you can see more dead limbs in many trees to that will come down in the wind. I hope we have good weather ahead! Hugs!

  9. It really is a sad story Di and sounds really heartbreaking for you to see all the damage and continued 'hassles'. How cool that the creatures are still out and about waiting for peanuts and feeding.

  10. It's so heartbreaking to see the damage that one storm can cause. Glad your friends were OK and able to come hang out with you for a bit.


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