Friday, October 20, 2017


 I thought and thought--
and came up with this plan--
I had 18  9 patches to work with--
so took 4 of them and make them into--
a snow ball block--
I still had one more strip left from the Jelly roll--
a solid white one--so I was able to cut just enough 2 1/2" squares to make the snowballs!!

then I sewed the 16 blocks into a top--
of 4 across and 4 down--
I have added one more part to this-
but no photos yet--
and I am pretty sure what the next step will be--
I think I have a name for this quilt--

  ***Random Christmas***

what to you think????

Did another walk on the trail today and look who I seen first thing--
Peter Rabbit--he has gotten bigger-
he nibbled for quite awhile --while I watched him!!

and I found a couple new mushrooms on the trail--
my first look at these--they looked smooth on the top--
but look at the last photo I took as I got the camera closer and closer to them--
Look at all those tiny bumps--cute!!
 then I found these--
Have never seen anything like these before--???

this one reminded me of a 'pancake'!!

and my eye caught sight of this small really orange one--
will see if it grows bigger over the week end--

and then this one-
he was good size growing on that log!!



  1. Random Christmas is looking good. THe snowball corners really add a lot to it. Great mushroom/fungus shots. I think that last one is called Turkey Tail!

  2. What wonderful nature photos. You can tell we live close...I took pics of mushrooms this week too! heehee! LOVE the Christmas fabric and your design. It looks so cheery! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

  3. I love seeing fungi and mushrooms.......

  4. Really like those snowball blocks on your corners...
    Beautiful nature shots Di..

  5. The quilt is growing more and more pretty! Love all the outdoor pics! xx

  6. Random Christmas is looking awesome. The pink just adds to it and I like the snowballs. Your fungi photos are fabulous!!!

  7. Random Christmas is very festive. Looking forward to seeing what the next step is.

  8. Random Christmas looks like a lovely Florida holiday quilt! Nice layout. We had a grouping of fungi in middle of the yard but C ran over them with mower! Haha!


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