Monday, November 6, 2017


Here in Florida--
not really--
but I was thinking about it while I created this today--
these 2 main fabrics where probably about the last fabrics that I bought at
my old quilt shop in NY before moving down here--
I loved this shade of blue and the beige one is from the line "snowgatherings"--
and they had a model made up using them with applique snowmen on it somewhere's--
I think the model was a bit smaller ---(I did not purchase the pattern--)
So this is what I came up with today--
my '4' snowpeople are wool appliques--
I am not sure where I am going with this now--
like I think I want top hats on at least 2 of the snowpeople--
and of course faces and some other details--
this will get set aside now until a later date as I have plenty of time to finish it--
as I don't really put snowpeople out until Jan--
and we know that I have lots and lots of Christmas fabrics to stitch up!!!

And the winner is--
the holly one--everyone voted for this one--
even me as I was writing the post--
taking photos really helps in the deciding--one can see them better--
thanks to everyone who voted!!

Humm--it has been dark since 6pm here--
when did that happen-and we are only into the first part of November--ouch??????
Guess I better get back to doing my walking in the morning before I sew!!!!

more curb paintings--


  1. The holly looks perfect for this! And at least our weather is nice! lol Short days though...I hate that! Hugs!

  2. Good choice on the holly!!! The snowman quilt is also looking really good.

  3. Ooh - love the blue and white! I can't wait to see the snowmen when they're finished. Cute, cute, cute.

  4. Nice Snowman you are working on....
    Glad the green border won, now I look forward to seeing the quilt finished...
    Love the cute curb painting...

  5. I like your new project. Top hats would be a fun addition. It's dark now when we get home, makes it hard to be motivated to do much of anything. Happy stitching this week. Love that curb art, very cute.

  6. I would love it to snow.... mind you, it is getting cooler here which is nice.. xx


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