Friday, November 24, 2017


 to work--
enough turkey for now--
I did get another block finished on the wool bom--
on Tuesday--
There is still buttons to go on this block--
like a star button on top of the tree on the one mitten--
some little red buttons for berries on the branch holding the mittens---

and  on Wednesday--I did--
get the last large block prepped--
remember this bom is from--
we still have one more smaller block to do in Dec--
on this winter row--
and you should of seem me on Wednesday--
I got all the wool selected and the pattern's ironed on to it--
then I could not find the rest of the strip of the white background fabric--
found the larger piece that I had cut the strip from for the first block--
and knew there was more to that strip for the other 2 blocks--
it took a while and some searching--
but I found it--yes!!!!!

and here is one for you--
Wednesday night there was a knock on the door--
and when I opened it--
a tenant handed me these--
and she did say "Happy Thanksgiving"--but????????
there is alot of 'goodies' in these 2 little boxed--
wonder if they will stay sealed until Christmas?????

Hope everyone has gotten their fill of Thanksgiving food and family and friends this week--
and you are now ready to get back to stitching-
cause that jolly man in the red suit is on his way!!!



  1. Pleased you had a lovely Thanksgiving...
    Youv'e done a great job on the wool BOM.
    How SWEET of your neighbor to give you those yummy boxes of candy...

  2. Glad that you had a fun Thanksgiving. You've made a lot of progress over the holiday. Enjoy some great stitching time over the weekend.

  3. It's nice to hear you had a good thanksgiving, Di. Great work on the mittens - so frustrating when you temporarily lose a piece *&^%!. Sweet package from your neighbour :-)

  4. I love the mittens. Too cute. The dog looks great in the hat and booties Hugs

  5. Di, you work on some of the cutest projects. I am never disappointed when I come over to visit.

    The snowman candy boxes are cute. Technically snowman are Winter items not just Christmas. I say you open them on December 1st and enjoy ;)


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