Wednesday, November 1, 2017


you on what Di did today--
as she had trouble sleeping last night--
we found her at the dinning room table in the middle of the night--
with paper and pencil and rulers--
then this morning we found her at the sewing machine--
stitching madly!!!
and now her is the correct block for the 10" size for Block #9--
and now this one looks like the 'baby 5" ones!!
Here are the two side by side--
the correct one is on the left side--now can you see what 'she'  did wrong????

And later she got the next block done--
this is the 10"one for block #10--
She got this one right on the first try--
(maybe she needs more sleepless nights--to get things right???)
and here are the 4-5" blocks to go with it--
So now she is all caught up with the Patchwork bom until the middle of the month!!

And mail came today--
and that 'crazy' Di does not--
I repeat--
Does not need any more Christmas fabrics-
but--look at this--
Can you guess 'why' she bought this one?????
and here is a couple to go with it--
and then this one came along for the ride--
actually it goes with another line that she has some of!!
and look--she got 2 free gifts--for ordering--She loves surprises--

Is it really November 1st??????



  1. I wish I had some Christmas paper that looks like your fabric. And you did a good job on changing things it has a nice contrast. But I would have liked it the other way too. I love the colors! Hugs!

  2. Your Christmas fabrics are very pretty. Looking forward to seeing what you've got planned for them.

  3. New block very pretty! And the Christmas fabrics are lovely .... I thought I had a few Christmas fabrics to play with - and found a huge box full. Have no idea where they came from ... must be santa's elves. :)

  4. I really enjoy picking out holiday fabrics but I find that I don't actually sew with it lol.


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