Thursday, January 4, 2018


on a long 'need to get done' list--
that I made a day or two after Christmas--
First thing on it was--
for Tuesday--
Taking down the tree and all the decorations and packing them all away--
that was sad--I hate taking down the tree every year---!!!!

But one of my big wish/goals for 2018--
is to get some quilts hand quilted--
and I have started with this one--
This was a bom from Bunny Hill--
a few years ago now--

My main goal is to----Hand Quilt for at least 30 minutes per day--
(with Sundays off for good behavior!!)
I have a little notebook that I am using to keep track--
and realized today--that it will also give me a total of how many hours I spent on hand quilting each quilt--( and yesterday I realized that I needed about 3 other colors of thread for how I am doing this one--so on the computer I went--they are on their way already!!)

and I did get the last wool bom finished before the end of 2017!!
now all 12 blocks are done--except for the buttons and beads--

And my new rocking chair cushions came in today--

I only had 2 color choices this grey or a really light off white--
and they fit perfect--and it sooo comfy--
so can see me doing alot more hand work now!!!

Yesterday was grocery day--
and it had lots of 'drama' in it--
I know it sounded simple--
get on the Van at 9:30--
be driven to the grocery store--
get off--go in and buy your groceries--
come out and the van driver puts your bags on the Van for you--
he drives you home--
welllll--it was not simple--not simple at all--
one thing was the weather--terrible rain and wind storm while out and about--
the rest---well--we just won't go there--
I do have some good food in the house though--that is all that counts!!!
Fuel so I can keep my energy up to sew!!!

And today was spent on the kitchen--
cleaning cupboards--
cause someone doesn't always put things back in the right place
when she is done with it!!! 

I have worked on my goals list for 2018--
tomorrow--I will share that with you--
in the mean time--
stay warm and safe and keep stitching--knitting--reading!!


  1. It sure has been cold and windy this week but I got out today too. Love the snowman quilt. I leave my snowmen out this month to enjoy! hugs

  2. I did many of the Bunny Hill blocks that you made for your quilt. Now I am trying to remember if I kept them or passed them on to someone else.

  3. Sounds like you're off to a great start! I listed all my projects today. One list of UFO's and one list of Want-to-Do's. Very scarey list! And I'm organizing and getting rid of a few things. Especially quilt books. I'll try to sell them for a couple of dollars at retreat. At least it's too cold to be outside, so I should get a lot done. Want to come clean and organize my kitchen?

  4. I love the snowman quilt Di. I know it will be beautiful when it is finished.
    It has been so cold here I haven't been doing much of anything.The temps have been below freezing for about a week now. Very unusual for us. And this is during the day time. Stay warm and think about us that are freezing in the South. LOL Big hug!

  5. I am glad that I don't have a comfy chair like that. I would sit in it, grab a book and never get out. It is 23 degrees today. Comfy chair, hot cocoa and a book equals no sewing or cleaning. Love the snowmen. They are going to look so cute!!

  6. Congrats on all the progress so far on this year's goals. Looking forward to seeing more of your hand quilting this year. Sorry about the grocery store trip. I'm lucky, that's a chore My Guy has taken on.

  7. Happ New Year Di, it looks like yours has got off to a good start with ticking a few things off your list already. Sounds like the trip to get groceries was a bit too much of an adventure. I love your wool block :-) Happy quilting, knitting, sewing or reading to you xx


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