Sunday, January 14, 2018


How did 'Di' do on her 30 minutes a day hand quilting-
the snowman quilt--
you know the one I keep showing you????

Welllll---I did good again this week--

        Days I stitched this week--7
       Days with stitching this month--13
  Total days so far this year--13
    Total amount of hours this week--4 hours and 15 min
   Total hours so far on this year--8 hours and 45 min

I also am going to do my work week from Sunday to Saturday--
as does Kate--thanks Kate!!!

And look at my new 'helper'--
a little timer--it is set for 30 minutes--
I can start it--
when I sit down to hand quilt
 and I will know when my 30 minutes are up
 and I won't have to keep looking at the clock wondering when I started????
And don't worry-I can and will stitch longer when I have time too--
it's just I wanted to know if I had done my 30 minutes!!!!
I know you are 'rolling' your eyes at me--but???

Enjoy, di



  1. Well done! I need to start making myself do something sewing related for 30 minutes. It is hard on work days, but not impossible.

  2. Oh this is a brilliant idea (no eye rolling here); I always seem to overdo and my hands get really sore and then it's days before i can hand quilt again...
    I will join you with that 30 minute span...thanks hugs, Julierose

  3. Good for you! If it takes a shiny new timer, then go for it!!

  4. You are so regimented....even a little timer!

  5. Hope you are making great progress on the hand quilting. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has a hard time remembering when I started the clock on something. I very often use the stopwatch on my phone as I can never remember the time (of course most of the time I completely forget to look). Thanks for linking up this week.

  6. I think that is smart. I work at least 30 minutes a day crafting....makes me want a timer! hee hee Enjoy this nice cool weather! hugs

  7. You are doing really well with your hand quilting and the timer is a good idea.

  8. I think the timer is a wonderful idea! I also waste more time looking at the clock than I do stitching. I've been using Siri on my phone to help me out but I do like the hands on of your timer.

  9. Good for you! I'm really proud of you for doing this. What a great idea to set the timer. (Duh why haven't I thought of that! I've grown up with timers, I really should have thought of it.)

  10. Great way to plug along with your hand quilting. A timer is a great idea. Hugs

  11. I think that is a great idea to set a timer.. I set one for when I have to clean the house.. why didn't I think of it for sewing?! xx


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