Friday, January 19, 2018


Remember I did the wool block of the month from
Buttermilk Basin site all last year--
it was a row by row --
one row for  each season and we did '3' blocks for each row--
here are my '4' rows--
each of these rows have had their blocks sewn together--
and they each have batting and backing behind them--
and here is the 4 bindings for each row--
as you can tell--
I am not going to put them all together into one wall hanging--
but am making 4 separate rows to display --
one for each season--
and I have an 'idea' on how I want to display them--
but so far I haven't found what I am looking for--
Now to baste them and quilt them
 and then finish adding the buttons and beads to them--
so I have a ways to go yet--but progress has been made---!!!

And this snowman is 'joyful' cause--
all the blocks are now hand quilted and we are working on the lattice and borders!!
Let's see I have--
11 more days to finish this one--ouch!!!
I did have a 'happy' find  the other day--
I went to my box of bindings to be sure I had make the binding,  for this quilt--
and there is was--and also in the bag with the binding was--
all the buttons and trims for this quilt--
I was "wondering" where they might be--
as it has been along time since I made these blocks up--
and with the move--I really had no idea what I had done with them!!!!

and for a chuckle--


  1. That is a wonderful idea. Love it. xox

  2. Just keep cranking them out! For everything I work on, I find something else that I forgot I had. It's never ending!

  3. Those timers are definitely keeping you on track...
    Love the idea of four separate wall hangings for your Seasons...
    Cute Bunny block. Great you found all you needed to finish the project with the binding...

  4. The wall hangings are going to make great seasonal decorations. You've been moving right along with all the stitching this month. Hope you have time for more this weekend.


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