Thursday, January 18, 2018


most of the time --
is time--
how fast  "time" flies--
or how slow it goes--
or it isn't going fast enough--

But here is where I am at with time--
I mean 'timers'--
I now have 3 to keep me on track!!!

This one--
is my kitchen timer--
and I have always had a kitchen timer-
have even 'burned' out a couple from usage--
in my life time of cooking--

The next one I got was the little black one--
and it is clipped to my laundry detergent bag--
and goes to the laundry room with--
it is set for 10 minutes--
I only like to dry my t-shirts for about 10 minutes--
then I hang them right up on hangers and let them finish drying in the closet--
this way I don't have to iron them!!!!!

And then I bought the little red one--
for my hand quilting timer and it is set for 30 minutes--
and it is really working great for me--
now here is a photo of the backs on these--
can you see the 'difference'????
the one on the left is the black one and it clips to things--
like the sleeve of my laundry bag or when in use to my t-shirt sleeve--

When I bought the red one--I had assumed it would the same style--
but it is not--
that is a little leg--like on the back of a frame--
and it stands up--
Which makes it 'perfect'--
for sitting on the new stand next to my rocking chair--
to keep time for my hand quilting--
Sometimes things just 'work' out and you don't even realize it--
I also want to let you know just how 'expensive' these little timers are--
at the Dollar Store-guess what--they are $1.00
at Walmart--are you ready for this??
they are only 88 cents--at least here they are!!!
I did get the black one at Walmart and
the red one at the Dollar store--
OK--that is my story on the timers--
at least for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes I have been doing some sewing--
more on that tomorrow--
in the mean 'time' be sure to tell someone you 'love' them!!


  1. You're too organized. I would lose all of those timers. Fortunately most of mine are attached to things so they can't run away. I do think I killed a couple of the ones with the dial when I was younger.

  2. The more you discuss your timers the more I think I might need a couple myself. Since they are so inexpensive it seems to be a good idea to have more than one. No sense moving them around the house all the time. Not everything at the dollar store is a steal.

  3. I just use the timers on my phone or my Nook. The problem I have around here with anything else (like scissors, step stools, etc) is that someone else decides they have a use and the item is not where I left it when I need it. Glad you've found a system that works for you.


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