Wednesday, February 28, 2018


 Is ---
Do you see the 'hint' that I gave you??
Can you guess the word???

Yep--it is Explore--
there is soooo many things I want to see
and do --
but yet-
I always seem to be 'stuck' here--
I miss having a car and driving--
can't begin to tell you how much I miss that--
but--life moves on--

But tomorrow I hope to go exploring--
new worlds--
new lands--
new critters--
and what ever else--life can shove at me for the next few days--
where am I going--
almost directly across the state of Florida--
from here --Melbourne, FL--
to Tampa area--
I am having to leave 'dodge' cause the are going to do this--
they are redoing our large parking lots here--
and my apartment faces the largest section in the front--
and the 'smell' of the stuff they will be using--
would make me very ill to breathe it--
so my baby brother--Jim and my sil are coming tomorrow to pick me up--
and take me over to the west coast where they live--
for a visit and to do some exploring--
(and I am hoping his car will stop at at least one quilt shop while we are out and about!!)

I will be taking the computer--
so should still be able to be here posting--
unless they tire me out soooo bad in the exploring-
that when we get home--
I am too tired to type!!!

so I will be thinking of you on this adventure--
unless I am running for my life from ??????

                 ENJOY, DI


  1. You're going to have SO much fun and the weather is fabulous right now! HAVE FUN and take lots of pics. You can always share them later when you are back home from your adventures! Hugs!

  2. Have fun!!!! Can't wait to see some cool pics from your explorations.

  3. Great word ...... Have fun and I sew hope the car stops at a patchwork shop.......


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