Saturday, February 24, 2018


for February this year--
so I got busy the other day--
with my purple scraps--
and got the 10" block stitched together--
mine came out different--
cause  I wasn't paying 'close' attention--
debated making a second one--the right way--
but--so far it hasn't happened--
and I do like this one--sooo?????

and here is January's block with February's block--

And I got this months small quilt challenge top done--
This one measures 17x17"
and this one will be the next one in line for hand quilting--
once #6 of Feb challenge is finished--
and that is nearing a finish--maybe even today!!!!

Ok time for a bit of chocolate and to get back to my blog reading--
have a great day everyone--
       enjoy, di


  1. I like your purple block and don't see what you would change. I love the cat cartoon, had a good laugh, might want to share that one.

  2. Love the purple block. No clue what you did "wrong" but it looks great to me. I would leave it as is since you like it.

  3. Hello Di, Just popped by for a visit to see what you have been working on lately. You are SO creative ... I love all your projects. Those purple blocks look stunning, such a great colour combination. LoVe the little verse at then end. Happy Weekend to you Di. Xx

  4. Great job on the purple block. If there's a mistake, no one will ever know! Love the cat cartoon, too.

  5. Great blocks, sorry one did not work so well. I am blog ready and eating chocolate too now.

  6. You've been very busy in the last few posts..
    I can't see anything wrong with your purple block. looks good with January's..

  7. PURPLE block for the RSC and your Small Quilt Challenge both look great!!

  8. Beautiful blocks, and yes, it's always time for chocolate!

  9. I love purple and the block looks great! Enjoy your chocolate break:)

  10. Nice blocks!! and chocolate???? MY kinda quilter!!

  11. I really like your design modifications to the February block. Your mini turned out nicely too. Hope you got in lots of quilting time over the weekend.


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