Sunday, February 4, 2018


But first I need to do this--
How did I do this past week--
I know that I did not do much stitching of any kind--
I was good and got at least my 30 minutes in for Hand Quilting each day--
this is the project I am working on now--
The top one--the snowmen one I designed--

So here it is--
*****Days with stitching this week--7 days
*****Days with stitching this month-3 days
****Days stitched so far this year--34 days out of 34 days
***Total stitching time this past week-4 hours and 45 minutes!!

And now for the  "Puzzle" update--
Here it is now--
complete as of 4:30pm on Saturday-
minus one piece--can you see where the piece is missing???
At first I had 2 pieces missing--but did find one on the table between my 2 hot mats-
but me and the kids all searched and searched and we could not find the last piece--
and no 'cat' to blame this time for running off with a piece--I believe it came with one pc missing!!!
I almost stopped at this point--
with not doing the sky--but I just couldn't not finish it--!!!
and that bicycle--was a 'bear' to do!!!
But I was addicted to it--what can I say--
now back to sewing!!!
Enjoy, di


  1. I often buy jigsaw puzzles at the thrift store and not uncommon to have a piece missing.

  2. You've done great meeting your goals! LOVE the pretty blue in the Snowman quilt. Even here in Florida, I like to have quilts...mostly to snuggle in on cool damp days. It got warm today though..and even nicer tomorrow I hope! I try to do my crafts a little every day. It keeps me going. Hugs!

  3. It bothers me when there is a piece missing but I still put it back in the box and build it again lol.

  4. You are really sticking to your plan! Well done. I still have a puzzle going. Haven't touched it for awhile. Good thing I can shut the door to the room!

  5. Love the puzzle, it's so pretty... and I love your snowman quilt of course...! xx


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