Thursday, February 1, 2018


And here is my OMG's goals for February!!
For the month of February my goal is to work on fairly recent projects--
first up are these '2' little quilts--
Remember my goal is for hand quilting projects-
so want to hand quilt and finish these--
and also these '4' runners--
so that is '6' smaller projects for this month--
and guess what????
I only have '5' to go---
as today I got one of these '6' finished--
the civil war challenge for January is all finished as of today--
I did mine in blues instead of the reds as Blue was the color for January!!!
the next one to be done is the little snowman one--tomorrow --we will start on that one--

I have other projects I want to work on of course during February--
but won't list them -- we will just see how they fair!!

and look at what someone dumped on my dinning room table--
a couple days ago--
she decided as she had gotten  her January goals done and still had a couple days before another month started she would play--but I think she has 'bitten' off more than she can handle--
that bicycle and fencing just might send 'Di' Over the edge--
so now--

Have a great week--


  1. Wow! For me, that would be a lot of hand quilting in one month. You must be very proficient with hand quilting! Enjoy your goals and your puzzle too!

  2. Lots of fun hand-stitching there. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

  3. Wow! What nice quilting. I clicked on it so that I could see the blue quilt better. I do love your puzzle. So pretty with the daisies and the white arched gate. (Of course I love fences!)

  4. Well done on the finish already!! My fingers are too cold to do anything right now. I have my gloves on. You are going to be very busy. The runners are awesome.

  5. Flying fingers for a fast finish!! You've done so much hand quilting in the past I bet you have it down to a rhythm now. Can you do it blind folded yet?

    My Daughter and I love jigsaw puzzles. I have to go to her house to work one though. I really don't have a table to lay one out on right now. Plus, it has to be in an area where the cats can't get to because they LOVE to lay on puzzles lol.


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