Tuesday, February 27, 2018


I did it--
I got all '6' ufo's hand quilted--
finished for this months--
One of the projects was to finish all 4 rows--
of the row by row wool blocks I did last year on the Buttermilk Basin site--
remember the others did one large wall hanging--
I decided I wanted to display them for each season separately--
so here is row 4--the Winter row--
and here is all 4 of the rows--
done and done--
and here is project #1 I finished for February--
this years Crow's foot mini quilt--
and my small snowman quilt--
that I started in Dec of 2017--
and boys and girls that makes all '6' projects finished for my goal this month--
( and wait until you see which 'oldie' quilt top I have picked to hand quilt for March--
and it has lots and lots of work to do on it--???)

Here is a better close up of the 3 sections of the winter row--

You think that once the binding is done--
you are done--
but it took me another 2 hours to do all the beads and buttons to finish this off--
there was lots and lots of work in each of these blocks--
but well worth all the work--I do believe--
Now to find what I am looking for to display these rows on???

And don't panic if you don't see another post from me or hear from me after Thurs to next Sunday or Monday--as I am going on an Adventure--for a couple days!!!

Enjoy every moment, di


  1. Fantastic finishes! I'm working on at least 12 different things, and don't think I'll have a finish for the month. Enjoy your adventure! We'll be expecting some pictures.

  2. These came out beautiful! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  3. Oh how exciting, Di is going on an adventure. And you are not even telling us where. So it must be very good. Good job getting all 6 items finished.

  4. They all came out gorgeous!!! You need to stop showing off and making the rest of us look bad.
    Well, specifically making me wish I had a week off just to sew. I know you will have fun on your adventure. Don't forget to hunt down some new quilt shops!!

  5. Boy, talk about getting yourself revved up! You must have been to finish so many projects. Congratulations. The seasonal pieces look great. Have fun on your adventure but don't forget to link up your newest OMG plan!

  6. Beautiful. Those seasonal rows are so pretty

  7. whoo hooo! Well done! Enjoy your little adventure away! xx


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